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Sunday, November 30, 2008

MCN's Top Droppers

Hey guys! Can you see the moving widget on my left side bar? Those are my top droppers and I've decided to put it up as my way of saying thanks to them for coming here every single day. I don't think one post is enough for their support to MCN. You will see them here for one whole month. So, if you'd like to be featured there, keep on coming and drop that card.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Facial Sag

One side effect of losing weight is making the skin on the face and neck look saggy. According to spa experts, rubbing can nix facial sag. Here's how to do it...

Apply a facial toner to a cotton ball. Starting at the collarbone move your way up and around the neck, quickly press the cotton ball onto skin and release. Work your way up toward your eye area, pressing along crow's feet or other fine lines.

After you've done this, your skin will instantly look lifted, almost as if the lines are being filled in.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Awards, awards!

I got three awards from Polly of Random Ramblings. You are right, the web has produced very kind and supportive bloggers, and you are one of them. Thank you Polly for sharing these awards with me ;)

I'm passing all three to the following:

Fit 4 All
Angels On Your Shoulder
Queenmadison's World
On The Verge
Green Rose

Easy Tote Soccer Nets

If you're looking to buy portable soccer goals and equipment for your kids, I found this web site selling soccer training equipment. These equipments are great for kids who love to play and would want to improve their game. The site offers soccer goals and Soccer Nets that are perfect for backyard practice, tryouts, and small-sided games. There are so many items to choose from, aside from soccer goals and soccer nets they have rebounders, portable soccer goals, pop-up goals, metal street, hockey goals and large portable soccer goals.

What's great about these goals and nets are, your kids can bring them anywhere they want because these soccer equipments, are lightweight and adjustable, portable, rebounding, and easy to carry. Your little players can bring it down in a jiffy for easy toting and assembly to any field. Goals and nets come with PE goal netting and peg hooks to secure it firmly to the ground. They are really great for practicing soccer and other net-goal sports. You and your kids can even plan a backyard tournament during weekends. And during summer, they can bring it on picnics, your parents’ yard, or at the beach. They are lightweight and are specially designed to fit into your car or van,and best of all, they can also be converted from outdoor to indoor.

These goals and nets are available in a wide variety of sizes and are guaranteed safe for children to set up and take down. Visit the site now and place your orders, your soccer fanatic will be happy to get one this Christmas.

Green Tea for Gorgeous Hair

Green tea lovers would be happy to hear that their favorite beverage is not only good the skin. I'm sure you already know that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action of the brew heals skin damage and erase fine lines. But experts believe that another benefit is it can also strengthen hair and nails.

Baseball Training Gear

Christmas is less than a month away, have you finished shopping for gifts? Me? I haven't started, but I'm not panicking because I will do my shopping online. For this year I've decided not to go through all the troubles of traditional shopping and join the Christmas rush. I can find everything in the internet at a much lower price. Aahhh, the wonders of technology.
I have already bookmarked several sites and I was just over at Kidsportsinc. My son and nephews are baseball fanatics, and the web site specializes in sports equipment for kids, plus they offer a lot of gift ideas for toddlers, tykes and little leaguers. They are having a Christmas special and you might want to drop by their web site and check their baseball merchandise. Starting at $19.99, you can get a complete teeball set, 5 in 1 table games, Baseball Gloves, pitch machine, batting gloves, baseball equipment bags, portable batting cages and a whole lot more.
If you have kids who love baseball, you can show them your support by giving them these items. I'm sure your little leaguers would love to get a set of their cute pitching machine. It can help your child improve on his game while he practice on your backyard. Visit the site to know more.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finger It!!!

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to use your fingers. Simple reflexology moves can lower heart rate and the stress hormone cortisol. But hey, you don't need to go to a spa to get a calming massage, you can do it on your own as long as you know where to press. Here are the top spots...

EAR LOBES - using your thumb and index finger, gently pull down and out along the edge of your lobe starting at mid-ear, working your way down to the bottom. According to the experts, each of our ears have 126 acupressure points and pressing the lobes activates many of them, releasing anxiety-reducing endorphines.

HANDS - When you are stressed and you feel a headache coming on, squeeze the groove between the thumb and index finger of your left hand with the thumb and index finger of your right hand for 1 minute; then switch hands and repeat.

FEET - Pressing down with your thumb where your heel ends and your arch begins for 60 seconds will relieve lower-back strain. Experts say, touching this spot, which marks the end of the sciatic nerve, helps ease related back and leg pain.


Are you Ready to Move?

Are you moving to another place? Moving or relocating to a new location can be both exciting and troublesome especially if you have to bring with you a lot of things. Packing all your things can take longer. Take the worry out of your move and let the professionals help you. Humboldt Storage and Moving is a reliable moving company that is dedicated to help you meet your relocation needs. When you're talking of packing, storing, moving and unpacking, call on Humboldt. They have well-trained teams of movers and drivers to help you have a smooth transition. It is never too easy to move a household and it requires a lot of time and effort. More so if you are moving from one state to another. And just think about all the task if you are to move in another country.
Packing and unpacking are the tasks that almost everyone dread, the easiest way to move is to seek professional help, let them handle all these for you. It can go smoothly and quickly with a reliable moving company and one of them is Boston Movers, they have been in this business for years so you are sure they'll put extra special care on your things. Their moving rates are incrediblt affordable so don't worry too much about the expenses. With their thoughtful planning and organization of your moving tasks, you'll be able to move with ease and have a peace of mind. Click on the link to know more.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The foods we love so much

Dieters, you'll be happy with what you are about to read. I got this from Healthy Living's diet update. Their most recent study shows that the foods we love so much but believe to be diet no-no's possess properties that can actually help us get slim. Here they are...

ICE CREAM. A lot of people love this yummy treat but dieters stay away from it because of its high fat content and sugar. Swedish researchers are saying that it is ok to consume ice cream because the higher fat content keeps the food longer in your tummy than a fat-free yogurt would. Women who indulge in one serving a day of whole-fat dairy, gained less weight than those who didn't.

EGG. I used to believe that you should stay away from eggs if you are dieting, but according to them, overweight women who eat eggs for breakfast lose twice as much as those who start their day with bread. Eggs digest more slowly that carb-heavy foods and make you feel full for a longer time.

PEANUT BUTTER is high in monounsaturated fat and it activates the release of a hormone responsible for sending signals of fullness to the brain. They found out that dieters who who ate 2 tablespoons a day kept their weight.

Surprising news, isn't it? If there's an urge to indulge in these foods, GO AHEAD and enjoy them, they're not bad after all.

Join the IDug Contest

Great news for XML Developers, would you like to be called the Asean XML Superstar? The search for the next XML Superstar is on, IDug is holding a series of contests and is open to all students, professionals, hobbyists and even to those who have no knowledge about XML. The purpose of this IDUG contest is to help anyone to learn more about open source, XML and database management and encourage them to enrich their knowledge about XML.

Participants will be asked to take a quick quiz be fore they can proceed to the given contest categories:

1) Video Contest - you will upload a creative video using XML or DB2. The video will be judged by the community and prizes are awarded monthly.

2) Gadget Contest - you will create a small widget or gadget, again using XML or DB2. Prizes are also awarded monthly.

3) XQueary Chellenge - in this track, you will need to answer a series of questions by developing queries in XQuery. Each correct answer is entered to win larger prizes.

4) Port an Application - Port or modify an existing application using XML, DB2 or XQuery. Participants will be judged by a panel of judges.

5) Develop an Application - in this track, you need to develop a brand new application, but same as #4, participants will be judged by a panel of judges.

There are lots of prizes to be given away but nothing surpasses the title of "The Ultimate XML Superstar."

Beauty Tip # 4

Here's another great tip I found to give our favorite cream a twist. We can customize it by adding a few drops of lemon juice to help brighten our skin or a few drops of eucalyptus oil to improve circulation.

The Right Stuff

If you have been looking for clear and quality audio books, consider your search over. Borders is your online resource for digital books on tape. You can shop by category, they have fiction, non-fiction, children and education, DVDs, music, stationery, magazine subscriptions and Audio books. The site has a list of thousands of titles including fabulous new releases, bestsellers, hot titles and the most recommended. For a minimal fee, fabulous music and audio books are yours to enjoy.
Here's another great news, as an early Christmas bonus, Borders have slashed off their regular prices to half. Don't go nuts thinking of the best gifts for your friends or loved ones, you don't have to buy expensive pieces even for people with expensive tastes. You can impress them with these fabulous audio books and albums without hurting your pocket. In these hard times, there is no need to go overboard. As long as your gift is interesting and it suits the recipient, that's fair enough. At Borders, there is something for everybody.
Visit the site now and avail of these huge discounts, if you pre-order J.K. Rowling's The Tales of Beedle The Bard, you get two amazing books for free. Plus, if you happen to live in UK, shipping is free on all orders. Get the right stuff for the tricky people on your list at Borders.

Best Mom Award

I got another award! Thank you so much Babette, I love this one ;) You can visit her at One a Time. Babette maintains several blogs, all of them are great sites.

I am giving this award to the following who I know are the BEST MOMs around. :o) You can get the animated banner HERE.

I'm sharing this to my beautiful mom blogger friends:

Heidi @ Health Nut Wannabee Mom
Jackie @ The Painted Veil
Cherry @ a {GIRL} for all status
Ria @ It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want to)
ECL @ Eastcoastlife
Mize @ Nightclicks
Laane @ Laane on the World

Rubber Stamp Champ

For all your rubber stamp needs, you can make a click stop at Rubber Stamp Champ dot com. The web site has launched a new web design but of course, they are still offering the great stamps you've always loved.

I have just ordered several custom rubber stamps for Christmas. My daughter and I are thinking of making our own Christmas wrappers from plain paper instead of buying expensive wrapping papers. It's a great way to economize especially now that we are on a tight budget. The site's design wizard will help you customize your own rubber stamps in whatever size, shape and color you want. Whether you want text only stamps, signature stamps, logos or you want to make your own design, all these can be done with just a few clicks. Here's more, click on SPECIAL and you'll find over a dozen rubber stamps slashed, half the price, and shipping is FREE!

Together with the launching of their new web design, Rubber Stamp Champ also launched the most recent addition to their line of products, the Go Green. These stamps are made from 78% recycled materials and they are laser engraved pre-inked so you won't be needing rubber stamp pads and makes over 100,000 clear impressions before you need to re-ink. Click on the links to know more.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Excessive Sweating

Sweating excessively can be embarrassing, but don't be alarmed because it's not as bad as you think. It can be genetic or caused by a medical condition like antidepressants, drugs or an overactive thyroid. To get relief from excessive sweating, look for an antiperspirant that is 12% aluminum chloride or ask your doc for a prescription formula that's 20%. This will help plug the ducts and stop the problem.

For sweat stains on your clothes, you can get rid of it by sprinkling the areas with 1 teaspoon dry meat tenderizer. Scrub the area with a toothbrush until a paste forms. Let it sit for 1 hour, then launder in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. The papain in meat tenderizer will help break down the chemical bond that forms when acid (from perspiration) touches salt (from the aluminum in deodorant).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I made a boo boo!

I was over at Confessions of a Fitness Diva to drop my entrecard and I read her most recent post, Cookie Burn! She got a blister from the hot oven and I made a comment. I was typing too fast and typed "ouch! i hope it leaves a scar" instead of "ouch! i hope it doesn't leave a scar." She alerted me and I know she got mad and told me that she deleted the comment.

To fitness diva, I deeply apologize, I didn't mean to type it that way. Thanks for deleting the comment and I learned a lesson today, "always re-read what you type before hitting submit."

A Beautiful Mother Poem

This poem came from my beautiful friend Ria of It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to...). Thank you Ria for sharing this beautiful mommy poem with me. :D


This is a truly BEAUTIFUL piece.
Please read this at a slow pace,
digesting every word and in leisure...
Do not hurry....this is a treasure...

For those lucky to still be blessed with your Mom,
this is beautiful.
For those of us who aren't,
this is even more beautiful.
For those who are moms,
you'll love this.

The young mother set her foot
on the path of life.
'Is this the long way?' she asked.
And the guide said: 'Yes,
and the way is hard
And you will be old before
you reach the end of it..
But the end will be better
than the beginning.'

But the young mother was happy,
and she would not believe
that anything could be better
than these years.
So she played with her children,
and gathered flowers for them along the way,
and bathed them in the clear streams;
and the sun shone on them,
and the young Mother cried,
'Nothing will ever be lovelier than this.'

Then the night came,
and the storm, and the path was dark,

and the children shook with fear and cold,
and the mother drew them close
and covered them with her mantle,
and the children said,
'Mother, we are not afraid,
for you are near, and no harm can come.'

And the morning came,
and there was a hill ahead,
and the children climbed and grew weary,
and the mother was weary.
But at all times she said to the children,
'A little patience and we are there.'
So the children climbed,
and when they reached the top they said,
'Mother, we would not have done it without you.'

And the mother, when she lay down at night
looked up at the stars and said,
'This is a better day than the last,
for my children have learned fortitude
in the face of hardness.
Yesterday I gave them courage.
Today, I've given them strength.'

And the next day came strange clouds
which darkened the earth,
clouds of war and hate and evil,
and the children groped and stumbled,
and the mother said: '
Look up. Lift your eyes to the light.'
And the children looked and saw
above the clouds an everlasting glory,
and it guided them beyond the darkness.
And that night the Mother said,
'This is the=2 0best day of all,
for I have shown my children God.'

And the days went on,
and the weeks and the months and the years,
and the mother grew old
and she was little and bent.
But her children were tall and strong,
and walked with courage.
And when the way was rough,
they lifted her, for she was as light as a feather;
and at last they came to a hill,
and beyond they could see a shining road
and golden gates flung wide.
And mother said,
'I have reached the end of my journey.
And now I know the end
is better than the beginning,
for my children can walk alone,
and their children after them.'

And the children said,
'You will always walk with us, Mother,
even when you have gone through the gates.'
And they stood and watched her
as she went on alone,
and the gates closed after her.
And they said:
'We cannot see her but she is with us still.
A Mother like ours is more than a memory.
She is a living presence.......'

Your Mother is always with you....
She's the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street;
she's the smell of bleach
in your freshly laundered socks;
she's the cool hand on your brow
when you're not well.
Your Mother lives inside your laughter.
And she's crystallized in every tear drop.
She's the place you came from,
your first home;
and she's the map you follow
with every step you take.
She's your first love and your first heartbreak,
and nothing on earth can separate you.

Not time, not space... not even death!

Beautiful Mom Award started by Posh Post.

This poem goes out to my beautiful mommy friends:

Lynn @ The Sewing Mom
Tina @ Mummy Diaries
Vhiel @ Vhiel's Corner
Sandi @ Pregnant with Cancer
Carmie @ Heart and Mind Whispers
Raquel @ Memories Frozen in Time

Greening the Planet

There is more to greening our lives than just separating plastic and paper in our garbage. Recycling is great and making use of what we already have can help us save a lot of money and avoid throwing too much trash.

Big companies too have resorted to environment-friendly materials especially in the industrial sector. They have been using Solvent Recyclers to clean solvents back to their original purity. As to why they get services from a Solvent Recyler management company is both for the environment and to cut back from the costs for disposal of used solvents. Solvents usually contain volatile organic compounds that evaporate quickly and can form into smog or contaminate water. A Solvent Recycler does the job of distilling solvent from its contaminants so it will be safe to used again.

It doesn't really take much effort to do our part to save the planet, in fact, many of us have started to adopt a greener lifestyle. Whether we do something big or small to save the environment, we can all make a difference.

Monday, November 17, 2008

French Fries/Cancer link

Rumor has it that our favorite French fries can cause breast cancer. But don't be sad if you're a lover of French fries. While it is true that acrylamide [a chemical formed during baking and frying] that is considered a potential carcinogen, new research shows that there is not link between foods with acrylamide and breast cancer risk. Based on their study, the amounts of acrylamide you consume with french fries is far too low than the amount that causes cancer.

So if you love eating fries, go ahead and have some, it's not as bad as you think. But keep in mind that fries are also packed with calories, so eat in moderation. :D

Things to consider when applying for a card

If choosing which of the major credit card companies will give you the best rates sounds confusing, then the best option will be to Compare Credit Cards. I'm sure you're wondering which credit card offers the best services. It is not wrong to be meticulous when it comes to choosing cards. They can be very tempting, testy and there's always this feeling that you want to splurge whenever you're at the mall. Add to that the popularity of online shopping, these plastics are so convenient you never have to leave home to get what you need.

The web site I found specializes in informing applicants about the latest credit card offers and guides them on how to use their cards wisely. There are over a dozen of credit cards out there. And most of these cards have been offering very good services like, 0% interest on featured items, 6% gas rebates, no annual fees, and many more. There are credit cards for different uses. Just tell them what kind of card you are looking for and a very friendly staff will assist and guide you on your online application.

But before you apply for one, I have some tips for you. The first thing you must consider when applying for a credit card is the interest rates each company offers. Second is how fast can you get an approval and how easy it is to apply. And last, but not the least is, of course, the rewards. Choose a credit card that offers the best rewards for its cardholders. You also have to make sure that it is backed by one of the more solid financial institutions. Credit cards have become an essential tool to the everyday life of the modern man. Choose wisely. It always pay to be prudent than regretting in the end.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Winning Snooze

Here's great news for those who love taking their siestas. Taking a nap can reduce your risk of death from heart disease for up to 47%. The experts believe it's because taking a nap reduces stress. So, if catching a snooze in the middle of the afternoon seems impossible, try adjusting your schedule. You can squeeze in a nap during your lunch break or when you get home from work.

Safe and Secured Parking

It's not only the Americans who are jockeying for parking spaces in highly commercialized cities of America. Londoners too are having problems in the ever crowing city of London. These poor motorists are being robbed with the high rates of parking. And what's even worse, their cars are never safe from careless drivers and car nappers. It's not as bad if you end up with only a few scratches or a dent, but losing your shiny possession could mean a lot.

Londoners, you can now throw those worries away. Someone out there has the solution to your problems. Stop paying those exorbitant hourly rates with Parklet's Rent Garages. They have over 15000 parking spaces and garages currently available for monthly rental.

They offer flexible terms and have secured and safe parking to suit your needs. You can rent your worry-free garage for fives days, seven days or even on a monthly basis. Plus, their rates are a lot cheaper than your ordinary parking lot or even the bigger storage companies. Your daily search for exact changes is over. The terms are negotiable and handled by a highly professional staff that would cater to your every need. Just think about how you can save.

Let Parklet do all the works for you, searching for a parking space is daunting. They will also be the one to negotiate on your behalf with garage owners. Now you can have a secure parking space twenty four hours a day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Youthful with Orange

Did you know that you can uncover brighter and younger skin with oranges? The combination of dry heat inside your home and the cold weather outside can make your complexion look flaky and ashy. And when you're a busy mom, it will take forever before you can get a full facial. :D

Here's what you should do, squeeze the juice of one ripe orange into a bowl. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and use it to pat your cheeks, chin, forehead and neck. Let it dry for at least 10 minutes, then rinse. The citric acid in orange sloughs off dead skin cells and cleanses pores while the vitamin C firms and tightens them to give you an instantly youthful glow.

Should you trust your doc...

... if you know that he is just hopping on the beautification bandwagon? If your General Practitioner tells you that he is adding cosmetic procedures to his practice, wouldn't you hesitate to see him about your droopy lids?

More and more women are becoming too conscious of their looks that is why cosmetic surgery has become a very lucrative business. And because of this, there is a rise in doctors who are working outside their fields of expertise. This boom is quite alarming because when it comes to looking good, women are willing to pay more. Try to picture this, when a patient comes in for botox rather than a yeast infection, it's alright to pay a higher fee, and she pays for it on the spot!

If you are considering a cosmetic surgery, it's always best to have a specialist in this field do the job. Complications may occur and if you doc is not very experienced, you might end up looking not as you expected. And the worst, the result can be fatal. Dr. Andres Bustillo of plastic surgery in Newyork is well-known for his expertise in cosmetic surgery. And since most of you are willing to pay when it comes to beautification, why not choose the best? This doctor is dedicated to providing his clients the most advanced and time-proven techniques available today in facial plastic surgery. You need an expert who can handle the unexpected, not a "quack" who overpromises.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beauty Tip # 3

You had a long day and is feeling very tired. You definitely want to relax, and what better way to do that than a nice warm soak on the tub. When you mix a calming lavender-scented bath with a grapefruit body lotion, the result can be stimulating. So if you want to optimize your relaxing bath try to stay within the same scent.

The Best Bingo Sites

There was a slump in opps the past few days, and with nothing much to do, I had time to surf the web. I was enjoying my hunt for Christmas give aways when I stumbled upon a Bingo web site. I have to be honest with you and admit that I enjoyed playing their free games. I'm not really into gambling but since the top bingo sites on their list are offering free downloads of the flash software, I thought I'd give it a try. I had fun playing and I discovered that there are so many women playing this game. Some sites even have live and moderated chat rooms where all the ladies can chat while playing.

If you're looking for safe bingo sites, this one is well worth a look. It lists top bingo sites that are all properly licensed and regulated. All offering a unique and entertaining overall bingo package. Plus, these top sites have been loaded with freebies and large bonuses. You have the option to open a "fun money" free account or a "real money" account. All bingo sites have been fully reviewed and has excellent track records, and round the clock chat games are there for you to enjoy. Click on the link to know more.

Alcohol to Women

A little alcohol can be good for your heart after menopause, but too much can be dangerous. Based on the article that I've read, it slightly increases breast cancer risk while heavy drinking may up your osteoporosis risk.

Women are more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol than men, so we are more likely to have more serious problems such as liver disease and alcohol-induced brain damage. If you are used to drinking wine everyday, try to lessen your intake slowly. ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Great Spears

Since early times, asparagus has been used both as a vegetable and medicine. Believed to also have aphrodisiac properties, these yummy spears contain asparagine, an amino acid that increases urine flow to flush excess bodily fluids. When you feel bloated, try adding the succulent spears in your diet and you can say goodbye to bloat immediately.

Best Buy Slots

Do you love those online casino bonuses? To tell you the truth, it does exist and the wonderful news about it is that there are no strings attached. Try to picture this, you playing and even winning without having to shell out a single cent. That is just great, isn't it? But not all casinos offer you these fantastic bonuses, of course you need to know which sites offer such promos. There are not so may online casinos that actually offer you a no-strings-attached bonus for you to enjoy popular games right in the comfort of your home. A free casino bonus can range anywhere from $100 to a whopping $1000.

This web site does not only provide you the Best Casino sites with very good bonuses, it also lists categories like: casinos by software, online slots, bonus guide, tips, news, banking options, plus, their ever friendly customer service. The casino bonus portal also list the hottest site in real-time. It also gives you the latest on online casino news. You can always come back from time to time to check this page to keep you updated on which sites offer the best bonuses.

It's really great to know that to enjoy your favorite online casino game should not cost you a penny. It becomes more enjoyable knowing you can avail of these large bonuses. So don't just sit there, make a click stop at Best Buy Slots now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What is Rosacea?

Do you suffer from a flushed, red face or have lumpy red spots or thread veins? It may be caused by rosacea. It is not normally painful or dangerous so don't be alarmed if you have it. No one knows what causes it and sadly, there are no permanent cure. On a lighter note, the symptoms can be treated.

Sunlight is thought to aggravate the symptoms so use a high protection sunblock. Alcohol, strenuous exercise, heat, spicy food and stress may worsen the flushing, while antibiotics can reduce skin inflammation and clear spots.

Beauty Tip #3

Skin loses a lot of its natural hydration with each shower, so try to make each shower quick. We get wrinkled skin for staying too long in the water. I'm sure you've noticed that when you're swimming. Slather your body with body oil, ideally when skin is still damp to help lock moisture.

Sharing Interests

A lot of people, once they're married, find it all too easy to give up their career and the activities that once excited them. They make their spouses and kids their sole source of entertainment. I have nothing against this, in fact, I am one of those women who gave up everything for my family. But after a few years of being married, everything became a routine. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt this way. Hubs and I were fast enough to detect this problem early on.

Although we find time to hang out with our friends, we rarely do. He would rather stay home than go out on a drinking spree with his friends. He taught me a lot of things that I never imagined I would enjoy. Who would have thought I would learn to paint 135 scale miniature military models? We even tried building a diorama of World War II soldiers resting.

We did a lot of things that we both enjoy. I guess it's one secret why we've lasted this long. Part of a relationship is trying out what your partner's passions are. If he loves watching action movies and sports, sit beside him while he's watching. If he likes playing at Online Casinos, join him. Get interested in his hobbies, who knows you might end up enjoying it too. Any marriage will be better off if you cultivate outside interests. It's a great way to nourish yourself and recharge your batteries.

Varicose Veins

These unsightly and upsetting veins affect one in three people. Sclerotherapy is the traditional treatment for small veins where a chemical is injected that cause vein wall to stick together and close off. For larger veins, phlebectomy surgery is performed to strip out the veins. Scientists have developed new approaches that aim to reduce bruising and discomfort and improve recovery times for this procedure.

Here Comes the Bride...

When the wedding date is decided, it is quite natural that you set your mind to an outfit which you dream to wear on that day. Most of the brides wish to stand out from the crowd on their wedding day. Many of them know what they want and how to look like on the due day. Apart from your overall personality, the dress that you plan to wear can bring all the difference.
If you have an idea about your dress, then it is not much trouble getting the perfect dress for the occasion. In any case a designer wedding dress can really be the one of those kinds which you want. You have the liberty to get your dress stitched as per your dreams; fittings and style. Getting the outfit tailored helps you to add your own creativity into it.
Before you go to finalize the dream dress, you must keep certain things in mind. First of all keep the style and place of wedding in your mind. If the marriage is planned in a Celtic style then the dress must match well with the traditional style. You can combine the modern style with the old one and present yourself in entirely new look. Further the place of marriage and season too is important to note. The material you select should suit the climate and place so that you are comfortable during the whole affair.
Instead of just bumping into any shop for your bridal dress, you are advised to do a little research for this purpose. Technology has now provided with lots of options on the net where you can search the shop of your choice. Not only this, you can also have an idea about the dress so as which design will suit to your kind of personality and stature.
McCall's, Simplicity Patterns, Vogue Patterns are some places where you can have readymade designer dresses and also a wide variety of dress material. Wear an exclusive dress which is designed well according to your taste and comfort and make a style statement for all to see.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Night-eating Syndrome a little known eating disorder that is characterized by underlying depression, and one in five people with a serious weight problem could be suffering from it. Night eaters eat lots of carbs and sugary foods. If you do have this syndrome and pretty concerned about it, it's best to talk with your doctor about it.

My thoughts on franchising

What would you do with your money if you had a sizable saving stashed away? Or if you have recently retired, would you like to use your retirement to own a business of your own? A Franchise Opportunity would be a good and viable option. With a reliable franchising company backing you up like Florida franchise, you can never go wrong. Aside from a sound management, you will have the much needed support for your business.

We all know how hard times are up ahead and like any other families, hubs and I are also looking for other means to earn money. We were discussing about this just a while ago. We think a small business opportunity is a good start. Hubs will be getting his share from the sale of our apartment and while waiting for that, my job is to look for a franchise industry that will suit our budget.

I'm thinking of a rent-to-own business. It's a lucrative business while providing your customers the things they need. As I've mentioned earlier, times are hard and many people would rather look for other means than simply shelling out cash or acquiring more debts. That's where rent-to-own comes in. With a minimal cost, it is definitely better than getting a loan with a huge interest attached to it. Plus of course the warranty attached to it is another thing to consider. I'll be discussing this with hubs later and ask him what he thinks. I'm sure he'll agree with me.

Your 1st Name Tells A Lot About Who You Are

This is really fun! I was tagged by Gagay at Walking Newspaper and it's all about the meaning of my name. You don't have to be tagged by me to join the fun, just grab it and enjoy.


Link the person who tags you; Repost the tag with the title "Your 1st Name Tells a lot Bout Who You Are"; Tag as many as you can.

Have a good time knowing the meaning of your name!

M: Handsome/Beautiful
A: Best Gf/Bf any one could have
R: You love to kiss
I: People love you
A: Best Gf/Bf any one could have

I: People love you
Z: Never good enough...
A: Best Gf/Bf any one could have

♥*♥*♥*♥* *♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*
A: Best Gf/Bf any one could have
B: You love a certain someone
C: People cant help but check u out
D: You are really lovable
E: You Are Great Kisser
F: Easy to fall in love with
G: You never let people tell you what to do
H: You have a very good personality and good looks
I: People love you
J: People Adore you
K: You're wild and crazy
M: Handsome/Beautiful
N: Easy to fall in love with
O: Best kisser ever
P: You are popular with all types of people
Q: You are a hypocrite
R: You love to kiss
S: You are Freaking CRAZY!
T: You are loyal to the ones you love
U: You really like to chill
V :your not judgmental
W: You are popular
X: You never let people tell you
Y: Sexiest bitch alive
Z: Never good enough...

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Learning the Basics

Do you like throwing dice and betting on casinos? If you frequent online casino sites or you will be playing for the first time, it wouldn't hurt to pay Max Jordan a visit. The guy is your aid for all things about casinos, both the real world and online Casinos. His site is loaded with useful tips and tutorials and I am sure you can pick up a lot of things, from learning the basics of classic casino games to improving an already effective strategy.

He's got daily updates on casino news, activities, tournaments, the latest on bonuses and the most recent happenings from around the casino world. You will also find comprehensive reviews of the hottest places to try your luck online. You can learn more about your favorite games like blackjack, craps, poker and the slots. Read on his "sure to win" tips and you're guaranteed to became an improved player. Plus, the site has a special page for blackjack and craps, showing you how to build an odds based strategy for traditional blackjack. And if you can't fully understand the game of craps, learn it from Max.

You can learn everything here before really playing online so be sure to drop by the site.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Did you know that a woman's body is not designed to walk upright? According to Jeanette Haslam, a physiotherapist specializing in women's health, "If women walked on four legs, they'd have fewer pelvic floor problems."

In women's bodies, the pelvic floor muscles have a lot of work to do. There's the weight of the bladder and the strain of pregnancy and childbirth. It is the only area of the body that undergoes such stresses.

Ms. Haslam says that the way to tighten the muscles around the back passage, vagina and front passage is to pull up inside as if you're trying to stop passing urine. It should feel like a lift and squeeze up inside. Do ten quick pull-ups and ten slow, holding in for four seconds, three times daily. Do as many as you can and build up gradually.

A Useful Advice

For those of you who likes to play at online casinos, there is a web site that could be very useful for you. There are thousand of online gambling sites out there, mostly offering you reviews, rules, news and strategies. What makes this one different is that the site not only provides you with the latest updates but their experts tell you more about the games, give you guidelines and show you how to maximize your bonuses.

Like many other online casino sites, InternetCasinoAdvice also features comprehensive reviews on top sites. You can also find gambling tips and guidelines from top casino players to help you win real money. Everything you need to know about online gambling, especially if you're a newbie can be found on the side bar, all you need to do is click on the game and a page with all the necessary info will open. The Internet Casino Advice has been loaded with useful tips, gambling guides, casino reviews, free games, tips for each game, advice and tutorials.

Before you go and start betting on your favorite games, I would advice you to check the site first. There are many fraudulent casino sites out there and it pays to be cautious.

Fashion Tip #2

Here's an easy on the go fix for buttons with a loop or shank on the back. Slide a safety pin through the shank and fasten to your garment. Not only does this mend your button in a blink but it's an easy way to customize your clothing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Life, In Chocolate

Can you just imagine the world without chocolate? That would be doomsday! Like me, I'm sure many of you live on chocolates and it has been your emotional cure-all. The yummy treat not only brings satisfaction to everyone, young or old, we get a lot of benefits from it. It's a good source of copper, folic acid and magnesium. It contains powerful antioxidants that help protect the body against the damaging effects caused by stress, processed foods and pollution. And contrary to old beliefs, chocolate is not to be blamed for zits. There is no scientific proof that pimples are related to chocolate consumption. And while it is true that chocolate has high sugar content, it also contains minerals that inhibit the growth of tooth decay, so don't blame it for cavities. It is even marketed in some countries as a health food.

Delicious christmas chocolate gifts will definitely leave your sweetheart smitten. Whatever form it takes, easy or elegant, indulgent or restrained, chocolate remains an all time favorite that will definitely set hearts aflutter. What has been greatly prized in ancient times remains a great favorite to many today. The only drawback is that it's loaded with calories, so remember to eat them in moderation.

The Bloat

It's less than 50 days until Christmas and I'm sure all of you are already busy preparing for gifts and a lot of parties. But during this holiday season, we tend to gulp down a lot of food and the sodium levels in many dishes can cause our bodies to retain water.

A great way to avoid the bloat is to go beyond your usual 8 glasses of water and aim for 10 daily. More water helps the liver and kidneys flush out the toxins that can come from a high-fat diet. You can also banish bloat by eating more slowly. According to nutritionists, speed eating can cause you to swallow more air which can lead to bloating. Digesting the food well can also make you feel fuller longer. Try to chew at least 20 times per bite.

Travel Bug

Hubs and I used to travel a lot in the past. During summer vacations, we travel with the kids and have been to most parts of Asia. The last time we did, we took the tours to China and they especially enjoyed the train trip from Hongkong to China. We also spent a few days in Shanghai and visited some of its most historical landmarks, the Bund and Xinatiandi. We had a great time there and the food was superb. The only thing they didn't like about China was riding the bus, they have a lot of small streets and the bus drivers drove like crazy.
We have never been to Europe but hopefully, next year we can all go. Our son is graduating from primary school and I'm sure he'd love us to have that tours to Italy we've heard so much about. Hubs and I are saving really hard for that. My mom has told them about the beauty of Naples, one of Italy's bustling cities and the breathtaking views of the city's most popular places.
I have already inquired about Italy tours and all the while I thought traveling to Europe would cost a fortune. The knowledgeable and friendly tour managers have explained to me that the tours are very affordable. Now hubs and I need not worry too much about how much we're going to spend, the hotels come with luxurious accommodations that are easy on the pocket. If you too, are planning to travel to Italy, China or other far away places, this web site is well worth a look.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Alphabet Questions: Who Am I Tag?

Tagged by Hailey and Nancy. Thank you ladies. ^.^

A. Attached or single? Attached
B. Best friend? Yes
C. Cake or pie? Both
D. Day of choice? Saturday
E. Essential item? Cellphone and Wallet
F. Favorite color? Red
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears
H. Hometown? Manila
I. Favorite indulgence? Foot massage
J. January or July? January
K. Kids? Two. A girl and a boy.
L. Life isn’t complete without? My family and friends.
M. Marriage date? June 27.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: 1
O. Oranges or apples? Apples
P. Phobias? Rats and roaches.
Q. Quotes? The best things in life are free.
R. Reasons to smile? Chocolate
S. Season of choice? Summer
T. Tag 5 people. Mommyallehs, Naomi, Putri, Bigeyedgal and Crystal
U. Unknown fact about me? I collect stirrers.
V. Vegetable? I eat almost all kinds of veggies.
W. Worst habit? Sleeping late, waking up late.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? X-ray
Y. Your favorite foods? Pizza and pasta
Z. Zodiac sign? Leo

D for Preggies

A recent study concludes that pregnant women who consumed vitamin D did not only develop stronger bones. It shows that the more they consume vitamin D, the less likely their children were to develop asthma later in childhood. The D boosts calcium's bone-building properties and provides easy breathing for your expected child. Vitamin D can be found in milk, eggs, cheese, beef and fortified breakfast cereals or you can talk to your doctor about the recommended daily dose. A ten to 15 minute exposure to the sun at least twice a week can also provide your body with all the vitamin D you need.

Travel Light with Ski Butlers

Winter is here and I'm sure you're already planning for that annual skiing trip with the whole family. Thousands of tourists troop to the great slopes to enjoy, relax and challenge themselves with the various winter activities each skiing resort offer. And while you're on that winter vacation, fun is what you're supposed to experience.

Lugging around your skiing equipments specially when taking a plane trip is such a hassle. With the volume of travelers, there is a big chance you can even lose your luggage. It happened to us when hubs and I went on a skiing trip while we were in Japan years ago. Hubs was pissed and it really ruined the trip. It is impractical to buy new equipment every year. With the present state of our economy, it is only prudent to simply rent your equipment. Now your only concern would be your clothes.

The jackson hole ski rentals can take care of all that. You can make your reservations online or you can call them, toll-free. Fitting your skis and boards is hassle-free and can be done in the privacy of your room. Yes, you read it right, in your own room because they do deliveries. Your equipment delivered right at your doorstep. All the support you'll need will be extended to you by their very competent staff. And don't worry about your equipment being outdated because they have the best and the latest equipment in their inventory. And when your stay is up, they'll pickup the equipment after you're through with them. I've always enjoyed traveling light and now with Ski Butlers you can really have fun when you hit the slopes without worrying about the extra load.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dona Nobis Pacem

Casino for Newbies

Online casinos have become increasingly popular these days and if you are one of those who like to bet or simply enjoy playing free games, is a fun site to visit. First time players are sure to pick up a lot of tips and learn strategies to improve their betting skills. The web site has been loaded with casino tutorials, tips and tricks, betting tips and guides to make you a better player.

The main purpose of Online Casino Guide for Newbies is to aid new players by gathering all the important information you need to know about casinos, games, bonuses, payouts, etc. Before you decide to participate in any casino games, it will be wise to take time and read their useful articles, get to know the games, get updates and news everyday to keep track of the latest casino happenings. You may also check back frequently to see the latest features and bonuses.

The site also provides comprehensive casino reviews on the best casinos to give you a better idea on which sites it is best to play your favorite games. They also offer downloadable and no download software where you can play free games or wager for real money. Visit the site to know more.

Beauty Tip #3

Are you aware that your personal cosmetic cases can also harbor bacteria even if you never share your makeup with anyone? In fact, they rank number one among the germiest items women own. Choose a makeup bag made of vinyl and clean it daily with alcohol or sanitizing wipe. Compacts, lotion bottles, mascara tubes, lipstick cases should be wiped as well.

Are you a fan?

I am not a person who gambles but I have a lot of friends who love going to casinos to have some fun. There were several occasions that I went there with them and to pass my time while they are playing I play the slot machines. A lot of people enjoy playing slots because it is easy to play and does not require any skills to win. Actually, it is one of the most played games in any casino. It has gained so much popularity that now, you can play slots online.

If you like playing slots, there is a fun web site where you can enjoy the game so much and earn a lot of bonuses at the same time. Some of their slot machine sites will give as much as $5K for newbies. Slot Machine Fan does not guarantee however, that you'll hit the jackpot because your chances of winning a million dollars is about the same as anyone else's. Rather, the site will help you become an expert. They have useful articles, slot machine tips, strategies and even slot machine cheats. You may choose to play for free or for money.

Click on the lick and check what each slot sites are offering their players. You can even take a sneak peek and try out the games first before taking part. Pulling those levers and hear the noise of the clanging coins dropping down, I'm sure it's gonna be exciting.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drinking Safely

For women who drink alcohol regularly, it is essential for them to drink safely. Compared to men, our bodies contain less water and more body fat which means alcohol reaches our liver more quickly and in higher concentrations. Besides getting drunk more quickly, women who drink are more prone to long-term damage to heart, liver, pancreas and nervous system.

According to Dr. Sarah Jarvis, hormones play a role as well. Women become even more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol around their period.

Drinking safely means to consume no more than 2 to 3 units a day and one unit is equal to 10 milliliters and don't drink when you're hungry. Binge drinking doubles the risk of stroke.

Twenty One Years and Counting

Joel and I have been married for 21 years. We've been blessed with two wonderful kids, Mai and Joey. We go to the beach for vacations and attended parties on weekends. Our household is composed of my mom and dad, an all around house help and a shih tzu.

Twenty one years have not been easy, but I believe we have build a strong foundation to weather more storms that are yet to come. I still have not been over the fact that he and the kids are a mess with their things. There are evenings that he sits at Poker Tables with his friends and have night outs with them once in a while, but that's alright with me. Actually, it has never been an issue because he seldom goes out and he's not much into drinking alcohol. We have fought a lot in the past, mostly petty ones. We had a major fight which even led to a temporary separation but we were able to sort things out and got back together again after a few months.

Despite our differences and all the storms we've gone through, we still don't regret having said our "I dos". I can't even picture myself having a vacation and not wish he were there to walk with me. Marriage is really not for everybody and I believe it is a risk, but I am glad I took the risk and I'm happy with it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fresh or Canned?

Did you know that canned tomatoes can be more nutritious than fresh tomatoes? Studies show that this is true because they are picked red and ripe and processed in a manner that helps retain all its goodness. They can deliver over six times more lycopene than the equivalent amount of fresh tomatoes [lycopene is the most potent of all antioxidants].

The heat used during processing breaks down tomato cell walls allowing the lycopene to be absorbed by the body better. Aside from lycopene, the yummy red fruits are also rich in vitamin C, B complex and minerals such as iron and potassium.

*photo borrowed from yahoo images

Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Top Droppers

I'd like to say thank you to my top droppers for the month of October. Thank you guys and I hope to see you again next month. Happy Halloween!

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