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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WW - Welcome to Life

Wordless Wednesday

My daughter gave birth to twins last week.  Both are girls and identical.

Uniquely Mine

My bank is now offering designer checks to their clients. This is a wonderful thing for me. I can now be distinct. I thought that that check ordering would take a longer time. Much to my delight, they have made the process faster. Of course I should also monitor my checks to make sure that I wouldn't run out of it. This really is a wonderful thing. It also is a more secured banking. Checks we all know have been faked in the past. Having a personalized design would make fraud more difficult. Your check is uniquely yours. You can now distinguish your check outright because it is customized solely for you.

It really doesn't cost much. These discount checks cost almost as ordinary checks. I have ordered three extra booklets. I have also included other features in my design to add more security features. Even if someone is able to copy the general design, the other features would ensure its integrity. How I wish that this was made available sooner. I want to be different. The old checks were dull and can easily be faked. Now I can say that my personal checking account is truly personal. It is uniquely mine.

Historic Colonies

An avid student of history, I have a wish list of places would like to see. I've traveled to different countries studying their history and culture. My interest is more of how civilizations came and went and their contribution to the global setup we now live in. Ancient civilizations have greatly influenced our lives. Along with colonization, new civilizations emerged.

For the longest time, Ireland had tried to keep its identity. Although under the British empire until today, the Irish have remained a proud people. Decades of turmoil has molded it into a resilient people. They have actually spread their culture around the world. I would love to take some ireland tours just so I can fully appreciate Ireland's historical background.

From the land that rose from the middle ages, another land of great interest is Peru. The Inca civilization that went extinct is a mystery I would like to study. Only their architectural wonders remain today. To travel machu picchu is to relive the experience of the once proud Incas. Unable to withstand the Spanish colonization, the civilization simply vanished without a trace. It is only now that we begin to discovery their culture and way of life.

The Land Down Under is one of the newest countries to emerge from colonization. From a criminal colony, it is now a major player in the international scene. Very much like the US, Australia is a land of immigrants. Aborigines and immigrants have assimilated into a society which has made this country strong. Eco-tourism continues to lure tourists to its shores. Different australia tours concentrate on showcasing Australia's natural wonders.

This is my wish list. These are the places I would love to visit someday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RT| WW - Red and Green Leaves

Wordless Wednesday

Can you name this plant?   The leaves are green but on the other side, they are red.  I always see them when I walk around the village but even the plant owners don't know the name.

Monday, June 27, 2011

She Needs a Helper

As I have mentioned in my last post, my daughter and her husband were blessed with twin girls.  All things were alright when all the test results came out yesterday so they were allowed to go home this afternoon.  She gave birth through Ceasarian section so Mai is still very careful with her moves, her body is also a little weak due to the trauma of labor and giving birth.  My son in law and I are talking if they should  get help from HireAHelper.  With him working, it's going to be very difficult for Mai to move freely and take care of the twins while the sutures are still fresh.  Of course I can help but I might not be able to go there very often now that I don't have help in the store.

I told him that it's a great idea because  that's what I did too when I gave birth to my kids.   HireAHelper has a good reputation because I heard from my friend that her helper is from that company.  I have already made an inquiry and I have to admit that I'm quite impressed at how they run things there.  Help is available for almost anything:  maids, cleaners, movers, day labor, gardening, etc.  I first asked about the helpers and found out that their staff were screened thoroughly.  Background checking, medical check ups and references were required before a helper is hired.  Infants are very delicate so we want to make sure that the help we are getting is gentle and healthy.  We have narrowed down our choices to two ladies.  We will be having the final look tomorrow to see who qualifies best to help my daughter.  We would also like to ask her undergo another medical check up with our family doctor.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Miracles!



Friday was a very special day for my family.  We were blessed with beautiful baby girls when my daughter gave birth to twins!  She had a difficult time though because the babies were too big (each weighed 6 lbs) and one of the umbilical cords were tangled on one of the girl's neck.  The girls came to the world through Ceasarian section.  We are so thankful that the mother and the babies are doing alright.  Some tests are being done with the twins (newborn testing, etc)  and if all goes well they'll be allowed to go home on Monday.

Mai is craving for some of her favorite foods, food in valencia most especially, but she's still on a soft diet.  She misses her favorite restaurant because for the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy, she was advised to rest in bed.  Too much movement might induce labor.  Her food intake was also affected during the last two months.  A few spoonfuls already made her full.   A few days more honey and I'm sure you can eat all the food you want.  And you're gonna need that to take care of your twins.  :)

Before Mai got pregnant she wanted to take up fashion design, fashion Antwerp in particular.  She likes Antwerp Fashion because it's not just Paris, London, Milan and Amsterdam.  It's the best of all these rolled into one.  It might take a little while before she can fulfill this dream but she says, it's definitely not going in the chest.  She'll be back in the fashion world as soon as she can.  :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RT|WW - Blue Without You

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Perk Up with this Scrub

Suffering from stuffy nose?  This scrub will have you feeling better in no time.  To make:  In a resealable jar, combine 1 cup of coarse salt and 1 cup of grape-seed oil, then add 10 drops each of rosemary essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil.  Before a steamy shower, massage the mixture into dry skin - inhaling deeply all the while - then step in and rinse off.

Both essential oils contain ingredients that help clear mucus, and their antiseptic properties kill harboring bacteria. Moreover, the oil's active ingredients promote circulation and create a warming sensation, which opens pores so the antioxidants in the grape-seed oil are quickly absorbed.

Start with Your Lighting

Are you thinking of redecorating your home?  Then start with the lighting.  It would be great to brighten it up with mood-defining led lighting fixtures.  These pretty lights will surely add drama and a touch of class to your living room.  Ceiling fans also add drama to a room and improves air circulation.  You may want to consider installing a fan in your home for a different look.  Whether during the summer or the winter, ceiling fans can be used.  One thing I love ceiling fans is that they are real energy savers.

If you're looking for discount ceiling fans, you may click on the links to be directed to the website.  They have over a hundred of beautiful lighting fixtures to suit your needs.  And if you're thinking of a total makeover, you might as well check the site's exterior light fixtures.  Their fabulous lighting fixtures can help enhance the decorative appeal of your home and can provide the perfect accent on your exterior space while illuminating your entryway. These fixtures also come with sensors so the lights turn on automatically when they sense movement and off again when there's none to help you save energy.

Find the perfect lighting fixtures for your home now and avail of the site's special offers.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stay Young

Beauty experts have long suggested that a nightly facial massaging and cleansing ritual is the key to youthful skin.  Apparently, the facial massage can reduce sagging by 62 percent after 8 to 12 sessions.

Here's how to do it:  Using the index and middle fingers of both hands, massage your forehead with small circular motions, working your way toward the temples.  Then place fingers at the bridge of the nose and again work out toward the temples.  Next, place your fingers at the corners of the nose and work your way across the cheeks and out toward the ears, then around the jawline and down the throat.  Repeat these steps twice for a total of two minutes.  Then rinse your face before rubbing an ice cube over it.  Finally apply moisturizer to the face, throat and décolleté.

A Safe Way to Set the Mood

What better way to add mood to a room than with candles.  These decorative and scented waxes are not just practical home decors;  they are great to have on hand during electrical brownouts, and they are great to have too for different occasions -- birthdays, weddings, Christmas, etc. 

While it's true that these lovely decors can be dangerous (it's one the leading causes of house fires) and can cause poor indoor air quality, there are special candles that are safe to use.  Some of the candles available in the market come with toxic wicks and prolonged exposure to them may lead to serious health hazards.  That doesn't mean though that you can't use candles anymore to beautify your home.  You can still set the mood with flameless candles with timer.  These are practical, beautiful, simple to use and most importantly, safe for you and your home.  The candles are made from real wax so it's like having real candles at home and the only difference is they are battery-powered.  They flicker too so you have a warmly glowing candle effect.

What I love about these candles are  you can set the time that you want them on and they turn off automatically after a few hours.  These home decors are smoke free and flame free,  you can place them near curtains or dried flowers.  Candles in my home used to be merely home decors.  I used to be afraid to leave them on because they might cause fire.    With flameless candles, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Outdoors Men

The great outdoors is a common denominator for my son and husband. They just love trekking and camping. Sometimes, they ride their mountain bikes to discover new trails and camping spots.They would load up their gear in their backpacks and just spend a weekend in some place up in the mountains. Aside from having the best gear, my men also have the best apparel for the outdoors. Not all clothing is created equal. The outdoors and all its elements will punish what you wear. Special clothing with very specific makes and use is what they wear. Even their undergarments are meticulously selected. Wearing the right clothing also helps protect them from the elements.

My husband is very particular with what he wears on these trips. My son wears what his father wears. He recently bought a mens patagonian r2 jacket. It's lightweight and has very good insulation yet breathable. It's his Dad's favorite and he might as well wear one. After all, his Dad knows what works and what doesn't. Of curse part of their wardrobe is their footwear. Depending on where they'll be going, they have different shoes as well. I found it funny how they even wear special underwear when they go camping. I did not realize that having the right undergarments is also very important.

My husband has a stash of MREs which is what they eat on these trips. I was told that this is what the military eats in the field. This way, they eliminate the cooking part and reduces the risk of starting a fire. We all know how some campers accidentally start wildfires that could really cause serious damage to both life and property.


My husband used to manage several restaurants. Part of his job was to see to it that their customers always leaves satisfied. The food industry has a high rate of attrition. The only way to success  is to have your customers coming back and bringing new customers with them. There are no shortcuts in this business, t al depends on your staff and your food. They have an excellent chef. That makes his job a little more easier as his only concern would be the service aspect.

Aside from promos and constantly upgrading the menu, he makes it a point to conduct regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys. This way, he gets a good grasp of the service side of the business. He had forms given to the customers which allowed them to rate the quality of both the food and the service. He also asked them what kind of dishes they would like to see on the menu. Armed with these data, they could easily make the necessary adjustments to kep their clientele happy and satisfied. 

Because of their diligence, their restaurants are some of the best and most durable in the business. After almost three decades, they are still in business. They have expanded and has added theme bistros and cafes. Due to their popularity, several of their key branches are open to serve their loyal clients 24/7. Getting customer feedback is the key to their longevity. They have kept their clients through the years and has even captured the next generation. You have to really listen and pay attention to what your customers have to say.

For Soft, Smooth Lips

The best solution for your dry and flaky lips is the pineapple rub.  Simply rub the yummy fruit on your lips.  It will not only bring instant relief to your kissers but it will make them softer.  The credit goes to the fruit's bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down dry dead skin cells.  The fruit is also known to improve digestion.  So go ahead, chew on that slice after you're done rubbing it on your lips.

She Has So Much Talents

I knew that my friend Lynne is an interior designer but I've never seen her designs.  We've been bowling buddies for  quite a few years already but it was only when she invited me to her condominium that I discovered she is really good at what she does.   She said she graduated from interior design so many years ago but she keeps her skills updated not merely from magazines but she enrolls in workshops and she likes to attend seminars as well.  No wonder she's always traveling abroad.  Lynne is from a rich family and she can live with all the luxuries without having to lift a finger.  Just recently she said she attended a workshop at the Zurich design school and she'll be leaving again next month to attend another workshop at  Vienna Design school.

Lynne is a very talented woman.  I also discovered that she loves to paint too.  Although she is more focused on the local art, some of her works have a touch of Valencia Art.  She has traveled in Spain a few times and she loved the works of the native artists there.   I never knew this woman has so much talent and I envy that she can paint and draw.  Me?  I can only appreciate.  :)

They Love Gadgets

For my men who love gadgets and anything electronics, the recent expo at the World Trade Center in Manila was heaven.  It's not my kind of thing and I knew I'll just be bored so I begged off when they asked if I'd like to come.  These men can spend hours there just looking at the latest in gadgets and electronics.  As expected, they came home with a few of the latest and lots of stories on the things they didn't buy and couldn't afford.

I heard my son say that their eyes feasted on the coolest remote controls.  He was asked me if we can go back for the touch screen remote with rechargeable batteries.  He said, his dad loved it and it's going to be a perfect father's day gift.  I only said, we'll see if we can go tomorrow.  :)

They bought a couple of TV DLP Lamps and TV Parts.  Hubs like to tinker with some of our electronics at home and he always make sure he has the basic available in case something gets broken.  The expo definitely made these two men very happy.  They brought home so many brochures that up to now they still like to look at. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cracked heels?

Here's the fix:  Crush 5 aspirin, mix with 1/2 teaspoon each of water and lemon juice and spread on heels.  Wait 10 minutes, then scrub gently with a pumice stone.  Do this every other day, and even deeply cracked calluses will disppear within 10 days.

I Prefer Nana

In less than a month, hubs and I will become grandparents.  My daughter is expecting twin girls.  Although we are both too young to be called grandparents, we are excited for the coming of the twins.  Hubs and I will be celebrating Grandparent's Day this year!  But hey, that doesn't mean I want to be called gram, grandma or lola.  I already told my daughter that I want to be called nana.  I considered Mamita but changed my mind.  I think it sounds too old.  :)

The Weight Won't Budge

Are you one of those who spend hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of dollars to get thin?  If you're into those easy ways to lose weight, chances are you have tried lots and lots of diet pills that don't work.  When I was younger, I was one of the firsts to try new pills that come out of the market.  Out of all those, only one worked.  I lost so much pounds in as little as four weeks, but when I found out that "wonder" pill contained cocaine, I stopped.  Since then, I never tried taking diet pills again.

After quitting smoking ten months ago, I gained so much pounds and no matter how much I cut back on my food intake and still religiously work out, the weight won't budge.  I couldn't stay forever with this weight.  I feel so heavy and I keep changing my sizes.  I was thinking of taking the pill again and phenphedrine came to mind.  I heard so much about it and how it effectively works to shed off pounds.  This time though, I want to make sure.  I've already made researches and I'm also going to ask my doctor if it's safe for me to try.

The Fight Against Addiction

Every individual has specific needs and its the same when it comes to treatments.  When a loved one is having problems with drug addiction, we naturally do our best to help him.  We, of course want the best treatment and the best facilities for him, but choosing the most expensive does not always work.  When looking for drug rehabilitation centers, make sure you choose an establishment that offer treatment programs for the specific needs of your loved one.  Such treatment center should be able to develop an effective treatment plan that will help him get back on track.

Don't let a loved one fight his battle with drug addiction alone.  Finding a dependable treatment center will help him go back to his normal life without difficulties.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RT|WW - Tres Leches Cake

Wordless Wednesday

Shopping While the Kids are Asleep

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!  I think that phrase is said 100 times during the course of a day.  I am definitely the kid’s concierge. I get the drinks, the food, change the channel, take them outside to play and hundreds of other things on a daily basis.  And, don’t get me started about when I try to take them shopping.  I mean I guess I can see why they get so antsy; my husband gets the same way.  Ha.   They are at a place that they don’t want to be in the first place, I am dragging them all over the place, and they just want to be at the playground.  So, I decided to eliminate many of these shopping trips.  I just wait till the kids are asleep and then jump of the computer for some online shopping.  What I like the best is that I can start on a site like and get coupons to shop online.  I start at most popular to see what other people have used throughout the week and then follow the link to the retailer’s site.  It was perfect this week when I needed to buy a Father’s Day gift.   They have a quick link for Father’s Day coupons, and I found $5 off Sears Coupons and some Nike Coupons.  Both places have perfect ideas for dad.  Also, as I looked through the items, I found 15% off Crate & Barrel Coupons for outdoor furniture.  Perfect for this time of year, and our deck could use some upgraded furniture.  I love that I can find things for myself and the household while shopping for gifts.  And speaking of gifts, how about gift cards?  People love them as presents, but did you know you can buy them below face value.  If you click on the discounted gift cards section at, you can find a bunch of them.  They have several listed and if you don’t see your favorite retailer, you can schedule an alert to email you when one becomes available.

Hopefully this helps you better manage one part of the household.  Not all you need is one of those robot butlers like they had on the Jetsons.  Wow, that is a flashback.  So, good luck and have fun finding some online coupons. 

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for My and loves doing product and service reviews on her site The One Income Dollar.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RT|WW - The Sacred Heart

Wordless Wednesday

A Reliable Online Printing Service

Opening a new business is quite tedious. Advertising takes a huge chunk of the work. Raising market awareness can make or break a new business. This is why companies do not hold back on advertising. All forms of media are utilized to maximize awareness. Print media is the easiest and most cost effective. Availing of good Online Printing services is vital. Delays could have catastrophic effects. Presentation Folders, fliers, brochures and banners are highly essential in advertising. These materials have a more informed effect than trying to squeeze everything in a 30-minute television or radio ad. Printed materials are inexpensive.

Despite innovations in other forms of media, businesses still pour more resources in print advertising. It reaches more prospective clients and disseminates information better. Print maybe the oldest form of advertising but it still works. It still holds its own even in the face of very progressive technology. Online advertising is still in its infancy. Cable television has somehow diminished advertising as people prefer advertisement-free programming. For now, print ad is still the most reliable form of advertising. No wonder Plastic Card Printing businesses are thriving. It has a captured niche which the marketing industry cannot ignore. Even politicians still use this form in their campaigns. As long as people read, print advertising will always be a useful tool in marketing.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heal Wounds Faster with Papaya

Here's one good reason why you should add papaya to your diet.  This tropical fruit has been used for centuries to heal wounds and fade  bruises.  According to researchers, the enzyme found in papaya called chymopapain reduces inflammation and strengthens blood vessels, which accelerates recovery time.

Perfect Summer Adventure

With summer coming up, my family is looking a perfect summer vacation. It has been a while since we traveled. Despite the slowdown in the economy, we have put aside enough for a tour. My husband had mentioned about very affordable packages that more than fits our budget. Our kids are already excited at the prospect of another trip that is long time coming. No problem with air fares. Our concern is the accommodations. We are looking for ways to really stretch our budget so we can also do more shopping. It would be really nice to bring home lots of goodies from different places.

Our kids have joined the fray. They too are looking for Cheap Hotel Rates. There are so many that we are having a hard time choosing. With over 80,000 listed rates, I'm sure you too would feel how we feel. From the looks of it, we could even visit several places without being tied down with a fixed itinerary. The prospect of lengthy trip is very possible. The rates are just so astonishing. The amenities are equally awesome. A foreign trip is definitely in the offing. An Asian or European would be perfect. Just thinking of the possibilities really gets us very excited.

The possibility of visiting three or more foreign countries will surely be an experience of a lifetime. We can learn more about different cultures and the family can have a great bonding time. Sharing an experience with your loved ones is priceless. Personally, I think every family should travel together whenever they can. It brings tha family closer.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RT|WW - Want some cheese?

Wordless Wednesday

Soft cheese with cranberries

Fabulous Paintings For Less

What better way to brighten up your home than with beautiful paintings.  I was not very interested with that kind of art until my husband introduced me to it.  He is not an artist but he likes to collect.  Not the expensive ones though, but paintings from new artists.  He knows some of them and most of his paintings at home are gifts from them.  Those wonderful paintings opened my eyes to that art.  I even had some of them scanned and made into cross stitch patterns.  I don't have the "it" to paint but I can sew and so I did.

If you are looking for affordable beautiful paintings, I know where you can find them.  I happen to stumble upon framing San Antonio while browsing the web.  I was looking for a flower painting that would go in the hallway and I found this.  

Actually, I was just browsing because I didn't think I could afford the paintings.  I was only looking for some ideas so I can ask one of hubs' friend to paint it for me, but I was surprised to find how affordable their paintings are: painting and frame for less than a hundred bucks.  They've got thousands of other designs to choose from so if you are in need of something to put on your bare wall or you want to give someone a gift, try this art gallery and you're sure to find something amazing.  Who knows, the painting you're buying now could be of great value someday.

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