Solar Powered Energy at Baker Electric

Renewable energy is fast becoming the energy source of choice by a greater number of consumers and for good reason. Climate change has been blamed for a string of natural disasters that have occurred in many countries all over the world. The drastic changes in the climate of the different areas of the US has placed greater focus on the need for a shift to renewable energy sources to eliminate the need to use fossil fuels that is said to be the main reason for the global warming we are experiencing. To encourage this shift, the State of California passed the California Solar Initiative which encourages homes and businesses to install solar energy systems for which they will be getting rebates and tax credits. Thus, it is the best time to install solar energy systems at this time. 

Baker Electric Solar has been in the business of installing solar power systems in San Diego since 2003 and has been actively promoting the use of solar powered electricity as the better alternative for powering homes and businesses. They are a fourth-generation, family-owned business who have over 70 years of experience in engineering and installing electrical systems in homes and businesses. BES offers experience, expertise and affordability to their clients with their highly-trained, NABCEP certified team of designers, engineers and technicians. They can meet any solar power system needs. They can confidently offer reliable and practical solar-powered energy solutions for whatever your requirements. Make that choice to shift and make BES your choice for solar powered energy solutions.

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