Regular Snacking is Great for the Skin

Eating little portions of snacks every few hours helps keep your blood glucose stable, and when it's stable you will have fewer breakouts, rashes, and wrinkles. Don't try to skip meals because blood sugar will drop, which can make you feel tired.  It also slows down your metabolism and you end up storing fat.  Here are some snacks that are not just great for your body but great for your facial skin as well.

1)  Choose whole-grain pita chips over pretzels or rice cakes.  These chips are free of gluten and wheat.

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2)  Instead of  reaching for ice cream, go for fresh strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate for a sweet treat. Steer clear of dairy, it can cause acne and other inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

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3)  Substitute dried cherries and almonds for candies.  They might not be as satisfying as a chocolate bar but your skin will thank you for this.

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Jackie said...

Wow I have this site to add too. I already have '
A Simple Life.

I have already made a lot of the changes to my diet suggested here. It does work. You have more energy and lose weight too...while eating much more healthier!!

I am so glad to be back here. I have missed you so so much!!

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