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Monday, April 30, 2012

Shrink Pores with OJ

Summer time it beach time!  And while this is the perfect weather to splash around in the ocean, the steamy air can also wreak havoc on your skin.  According to experts, high humidity works to open pores, allowing in dirt and bacteria and lead to uneven skin tones and breakouts.  The fix?  Reach for an orange.  Cut it into quarters and run the fleshy part of the fruit over your face; or you can dip a cotton ball in a freshly squeezed OJ and apply on face.  Leave on for five minutes and rinse with cool water.  The citirc acid in orange will exfoliate dead skin cells and clean out pores to prevent blackheads, while the alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin C in the juice will tighten pores and firm skin for an instantly youthful glow.

A New Project

The other day I was telling about Jann's second branch which is opening very soon.  I was there yesterday to visit her and see how her second spa and salon is progressing.  The girl is too busy I rarely see her.  She used to be my team mate in bowling but she stopped when the construction of the spa started.  She says she'll play again once everything is over.

She wanted to focus more on this branch because it is bigger and she wants everything done her style this time.  Her mom helped her supervise with the first one and you know how some moms are, they want a say in everything.  She said she gave in to her mom's "requests" because she was her "financer". 

The metal cabinets and small parts storage were already installed when I arrived at the shop and while I was there, the delivery for her service cart also came.  They will be working on the mirrors next and then the carpeting of the floor.  After that, it's time to shop for furniture and decorations.  I promised to help her on this and I'm already too eager to start.  I can already see that this is going to be as successful as the first.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unsecured Business Loans

Jann's second branch is opening soon.  When she opened her first spa/salon, she never thought it would be a hit right away.  A lot of spas are already scattered around the city but she gambled on it.  I guess it was a hit because she is the first who have thought of combining both spa and salon.  Her place is always full and most of the time you have to wait on queue to be served. 

I encouraged her to open another branch and using just her credit rating and financial history, she applied for unsecured business loans.  She got approvals from different companies but she, of course, chose the one with the lowest interest rates.  She is very excited about her new "baby" and just like the first, I'm sure it's going to be a hit too.

Not a Brat Anymore

When my sister decided to leave the country and live in NY, my mom worried a lot.  She was worried that my sister would survive living alone in an apartment because she never worked and she didn't know any household chores.  But she survived, and mom is really pleased that she has become a responsible and independent woman; she can even cook on her own.

Living alone though, doesn't mean she had to do everything. When it comes to rug cleaning, my sister only trusts the professionals to do it for her.  She trusts area rug cleaning ny because they don't just clean her precious rugs, they do it with care and they only use environment-friendly cleaning agents.  She says it makes her feel good that somehow, she is able to do something for the environment.  Once every two months, the carpet cleaners would take away her rugs; bring them to the plant to be washed and cleaned, and return them back to her smelling fresh and clean.

It was a good thing that mom let go of her.  She used to be so spoiled, but look at her now.  She knows how to run a home and knows how to take care of her hard-earned money.  The guy that would capture her heart is truly very lucky.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Honey and Lemon

The summer heat can give you the blotches but a bitter sweet scrub can easily slough off damaged skin cells, kick-start healing and lightens dark spots.  Here's what you should do:  Mix two tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and enough sugar to make a paste. Scrub gently, then rinse.

Safe Chemical Mixing

My friend is a chemist and she deals with very delicate chemical mixtures everyday. She has to be very careful especially when mixing volatile chemicals. Reactions vary from chemical to chemical and accidents can happen when one loses focus. Safe chemical mixing is always practiced in her workplace. Accidents such as fires, toxic exposure and even huge explosions can occur. Ordinary folks like us do not realize how important chemists are. I've learned to appreciate the work she does. I find her line of work quite interesting. My son's favorite subject is Chemistry and I wouldn't be surprised if he would someday decide to pursue this career.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RT/WW - Fancy Earrings

Wordless Wednesday

Now She Enjoys It

When my SIL first arrived in the States, she never considered practicing as a dentist.  She wanted to go back to school and become a nurse instead.  When I asked her why, she said she wanted to be a nurse ever since she was young; she only became a dentist because that was what her father wanted her to be.  Back when she was here, she practiced as an othro-dentist for a few years then she decided to move to New York.

It was only when she married my brother that her interest bloomed. It has to do with the fact that he always had problems with his teeth and you know how expensive these treatments can get in clinics there. She said it was a blessing the she got connected with western dental.  That's where she attended lots of seminars and training to be ready to start a career in dentistry again. 

It did not take her very long to establish her clinic and now she already has a long list of patients who trust her.  If back then she felt that she was forced in this career, now I feel glad for her that she is enjoying it. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RT/WW - Ruby Electric Kettle

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Spritz to Outsmart Blisters

Blisters on your feet?  Spraying your feet with antiperspirant each morning can cut your risk of sweat-triggered blisters by as much as half.  Researchers say that antiperspirants reduces moisture production in the feet.  So ladies (and gents!), the key to preventing these sometimes painful blisters is to spritz antiperspirant; it works effectively as it does under the arms.

Easy Planting

After having an easy time planting bulbs, my aunt can now appreciate the beautiful tulips she planted a few weeks ago. They are beautiful and so colorful. She recently discovered these bulb planters while surfing the internet and through it she was able to plant more bulbs. She wished she'd discovered it years ago so she could have had those tulips every year. She always failed with bulbs and this was the only time she succeeded in planting bulbs. Now she has a planter and she can't believe how quick and easy it was.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Approaching Menopause

It was only when my blood pressure started going up that I realized I am approaching menopause.  I can't think of any other reason for my hypertension because I steer clear of fatty and salty foods and I exercise regularly.  I remember my mom's blood pressure started going up too when she was my age.

I started reading about the symptoms of menopause and that's when everything made sense.  Aside from hypertension, there's bloating; irritability; memory lapses; itchy or crawly skin; and weight gain.  Quitting smoking a couple of years ago played a big part with my weight gain; that I am sure of.  But it puzzled me that no matter how much I work out and eat so little, I couldn't shed off the pounds.  The only thing that didn't stop me from working out is it makes me feel healthy and stronger.  Now I know the reason why it is so hard  for me to lose weight.

To battle hypertension, I started stretching my exercise time.  Instead of half hour, now I'm doing an hour a day.  I am also preparing for the other symptoms of menopause that I'm sure are about to come.  They say eating healthier is the easiest way to battle most of the symptoms; I will be doing just that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RT/WW - Hanging Lollipops

Wordless Wednesday

Taken at the Universal Studios, Singapore.


I just watched Discovery Channel's Surviving The Cut. They featured Sniper's School. I did not know that snipers works with spotters. I always thought they worked alone. Spotters are guides to where the sniper's rounds fall. Spotter's are equipped with powerful Spotting scopes. They help the sniper dial in their shots. Many factors affect a bullet's path. Wind and gravity affects how a bullet travels. Rounds can fall short or overshoot the target because of these factors. Spotting scopes magnify the results of every shot. The spotter reports the results to the shooter and they in turn make the necessary adjustments.

During the course, snipers are trained to stalk and how to camouflage themselves. They try to crawl as close as they can to the instructors and shoot a target without being spotted. Instructors scan the area with Spotting scopes after every attempt to try and locate the shooter. Those who are successful get additional points. Getting the minimum points allows them to graduate.

The course is tough. More than half of the aspirants do not make the cut. Those who are good enough to earn enough points are honored with the sniper's badge. They go back to their mother units with pride. They become members of a very elite group of individuals who are a cut above the rest. Their role is very important. They neutralize the enemy before they harm their comrades. They are the long range deterrents. Without spotters, they are able to complete their mission.

The advantages of a good night’s rest

Caring for yourself is a crucial part of living an extended and healthy life. Making the effort to eat well, take regular exercise and reduce stress can all impact your life expectancy, quality of life and possibly even the price of your Washington life insurance premiums. One of the simplest things you are able to do to help improve your general health and well-being is to ensure you are getting enough sleep.

It is usually recommended that getting around 8 hours of quality sleep a night can help improve mood, energy levels and general functioning, as well as help to ward off a variety of health conditions including:

• Weight gain
• Low immunity and resistance to infection
• Diabetes
• Heart problems
• Accidental injuries
• Anxiety and depression

Getting a good night’s sleep is often an essential part of staying healthy and ensuring you are able to operate at an optimum level in the course of the day. Getting less than 7-9 hours of sleep an evening can reportedly lead to sleep deprivation, which may not just reduce your general health levels but may leave you more susceptible to having accidents which can impact on your life expectancy. By making sure you get a good night’s sleep every night you could help to cut back your risk of developing a long-term health condition, which can in turn help keep your Washington life insurance premiums as low as possible.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Love Milk

Do you have food or lactose intolerance?  Food intolerance is when your digestive system is not agreeable with the food you ate.  It's not like food allergy where reactions can be seen on your skin.  With food intolerance, you are not able to properly break down the food.  I used to have lactose intolerance, but I love milk so much (fresh milk especially) that I used to ignore the results after taking a glass of milk.  I usually suffered from tummy cramps a couple of hours after drinking.  My food intolerance is not as bad though because that's the only thing I felt after drinking milk.  Others feel bloated, has nausea, tummy pain, diarrhea and even vomiting.  Mine was tolerable so I didn't give up on my love for milk.

The easiest way to avoid the symptoms according to my doctor friend, is to take out the food or milk from your diet.  But I told you I love milk, so I didn't.  I noticed though that when I started taking vitamin supplements, the symptoms started going away too.  In the beginning there were days that I'd feel the cramps but they were much lighter, and there were days that I didn't have them.

My theory is, the supplement is helping me produce more lactase so my tummy can tolerate the lactose in milk.  If you have the same case as mine, you may want to try taking natural vitamins so you can enjoy milk daily.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Protect Skin from Sun damage

Now that the weather is scorching hot, protect your skin from harmful UV ray damage.  Use lots of creams and lotion that contain SPF protection all over your skin.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RT/WW - Marina Bay Sands

Wordless Wednesday

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