Be a Smart Dresser

The trend of tossing a comfy outfit can look fabulous. You may be wearing a very simple dress but with the right accessories you can look elegant and beautiful. For whatever outfit you want to wear, what matters is how you carry it and that you choose the ones you know will look good on you. And since fall has come, let us take cardigans for example. A scoop-neck cape that fastens mid-chest creates the illusion of saggy breasts and wide hips while a deep V formed when a cardigan is cinched at the waist and open across the chest trims the belly and elongates your entire body visually.

Be a wise shopper and a smart dresser. You don't have to spend all your savings to buy expensive clothes to look good, stylish and fashionable. If you have a flair for fashion, here's a great discovery, Fall Fashion at Stylehive. You can search the hive for cheap clothes and accessories. They have designer clothes, chic, unique, modern and tons of shoes and accessories. You can get them at 10-30% lower than their retail prizes at the malls. Make a click stop at stylehive and take advantage of the big discounts.

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Max Coutinho said...

Hey again,

I agree with everything said here in number, gender and degree!
One doesn't have to spend much to look good; one only needs to acquired the knowledge on how to dress with taste!

Well done, dear!


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