More About The Beans

What is nature's way of fighting free radicals? Antioxidants. They fight the free radicals [molecules] that mess up the good cells. And for more than five decades, these antioxidants have been a part of so many beauty products and regimens. But not many of us know that antioxidants are abundant in fruits, vegetables, chocolate and COFFEE. Studies prove that coffee has more antioxidants than green tea.

This is probably the reason why coffee wholesalers have launched a world wide campaign for coffee products and coffee shops have mushroomed everywhere. Nicaragua is one of the world's top producers of cheap bulk coffee beans with a touch of caramel and nougat. And I would love to have a cup of that right now! Mmm, I can just imagine the aroma with the sweetness of caramel.

If you are a coffee lover too, the links will direct you to the site where you can purchase wholesale coffee roasters and cheap coffee beans.

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