Worried about your age?

Do you worry too much and get annoyed with yourself because you are not getting any younger? I am not, and I am not embarrassed to announce my age to anyone. I just turned 41 a couple of months ago and I do notice fine lines and some wrinkles on my face. Hair dye helps to conceal my salt and pepper hair. But I’m one of the few who do not dwell too much on that. I’ve always been positive with this, and well, who doesn’t grow old anyway? Although I am not as slim as I wanted to be, I like taking care of my health and appearance.
Most of my friends fret when asked about their age, but in my opinion being obsessed about your age will only make you feel older. You fret and then get stressed if you think about it too much. There are many other ways to feel younger such as exercise, getting engaged and of course, laughter. But if you're really obsessed about looking young and you have the money to spend, I think it is alright to seek help from professionals like a cosmetic surgeon or an anti aging dr. Science has gone really far, one example is Angelina Jolie, there's not even a trace that she gave birth. Whether you choose to turn to cosmetic surgery or to age naturally, it's totally up to you. What really matters is how you look at yourself and how you feel.


Anonymous said...

hay naku liza, ako i'm afraid not to look as young as i once did pero i'm proud of my age pero not of my looks. confusing noh?=)

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

I couldn't agree more with you: ageing is a state of mind! The body grows older and older, but if one's mind keeps its youth, then the possibilities are endless!

I don't worry about getting older, and the more I move forward the happier I am! You see, I am seeking for wisdom and I know growing older will help me in my quest! :)

I am 31, and I think I look better than when I was 21!

I hope you had a superb weekend, dear :D! Mine was cool!

Wishing you a terrific week ahead...


carenmeman said...

I have never really been worried about my age but recently have felt a bit (a bit lang) conscious as my age has always been a source of banter among my team mates at work. But in reality I don't feel it, I still dress and talk the same way I did 20 years ago. Siguro pananaw lang sa buhay ang nagbago pero I still feel the same... state of mind lang talaga! Have a nice day!

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