Life, In Chocolate

Can you just imagine the world without chocolate? That would be doomsday! Like me, I'm sure many of you live on chocolates and it has been your emotional cure-all. The yummy treat not only brings satisfaction to everyone, young or old, we get a lot of benefits from it. It's a good source of copper, folic acid and magnesium. It contains powerful antioxidants that help protect the body against the damaging effects caused by stress, processed foods and pollution. And contrary to old beliefs, chocolate is not to be blamed for zits. There is no scientific proof that pimples are related to chocolate consumption. And while it is true that chocolate has high sugar content, it also contains minerals that inhibit the growth of tooth decay, so don't blame it for cavities. It is even marketed in some countries as a health food.

Delicious christmas chocolate gifts will definitely leave your sweetheart smitten. Whatever form it takes, easy or elegant, indulgent or restrained, chocolate remains an all time favorite that will definitely set hearts aflutter. What has been greatly prized in ancient times remains a great favorite to many today. The only drawback is that it's loaded with calories, so remember to eat them in moderation.

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Nancy G. Janiola said...

hmm... so tempting! i love the so nutty ones...


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