Twenty One Years and Counting

Joel and I have been married for 21 years. We've been blessed with two wonderful kids, Mai and Joey. We go to the beach for vacations and attended parties on weekends. Our household is composed of my mom and dad, an all around house help and a shih tzu.

Twenty one years have not been easy, but I believe we have build a strong foundation to weather more storms that are yet to come. I still have not been over the fact that he and the kids are a mess with their things. There are evenings that he sits at Poker Tables with his friends and have night outs with them once in a while, but that's alright with me. Actually, it has never been an issue because he seldom goes out and he's not much into drinking alcohol. We have fought a lot in the past, mostly petty ones. We had a major fight which even led to a temporary separation but we were able to sort things out and got back together again after a few months.

Despite our differences and all the storms we've gone through, we still don't regret having said our "I dos". I can't even picture myself having a vacation and not wish he were there to walk with me. Marriage is really not for everybody and I believe it is a risk, but I am glad I took the risk and I'm happy with it.

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