The Winning Snooze

Here's great news for those who love taking their siestas. Taking a nap can reduce your risk of death from heart disease for up to 47%. The experts believe it's because taking a nap reduces stress. So, if catching a snooze in the middle of the afternoon seems impossible, try adjusting your schedule. You can squeeze in a nap during your lunch break or when you get home from work.


Utah Mommy said...

My son use to take a nap during the afternoon but when he got older, he is more active to play than taking naps. Well at least he sleeps at night so early though so that makes the difference because when he take a nap during the afternoon, he won't sleep until late at night.

By the way, i love to take a nap too but i can't, my mind is too busy to think of some other things.

gLoR!e said...

i stay up late always and i maket it sure in the afternoon i can take a nap..:)

Anonymous said...

Do you know in really, really old cook books ... there used to be a section for busy housewives and it recommended them to take a half-hour nap every afternoon. It also said that it is wise for women to always have a cup of cocoa before bedtime as this "contains iron and helps a housewife rebuild her strength for a busy day."

Such precious advice given to the housewives of the thirties, fourties and fifties ... I think I'll start taking some of it! The snap sounds especially good!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to say nap - a snap of course is a mid-day meal ... and now I'm hungry. lol

Anonymous said...


I knew it. :)

At at the office, instead of eating lunch, I just take a nap. That's one hour of sleep. And it really energizes me for the rest of my work shift.

Even at home, I always make sure that I take a nap in the afternoon. That's not laziness. It's for good health as you've stated here. :P

Anonymous said...

Ako naman tita, I can't stay up late kapag di ako nakapag-siesta talaga. Kaya nga ako ang siesta time ko 3-4pm. Pambawi na rin ng puyat :)

cherry said...

ang cute naman nun nasa photo...anak mo ba yan?

Jackie said...

Oh my Liza,
I am very lucky if I can even stay awake between the hours of noon and 2pm.

But, then I have days like yesterday where I slept for 5 hours and now here I am up at 3am..doing drops!

But for the most part I do take a short nap every single day somewhere around 1or 2 pm and it does refresh me.

Good advice!!:-)

Unknown said...

**sigh**.....he looks so beautiful!

I want a nap right now!!!

Marie said...

True. i do power naps too, and it makes me more alert after that. :) it's inevitable not to be sleepy at times because I work night shift. i can be found in the bathroom doing my power naps for 15 minutes, i would put down the toilet seat cover and do the deed. :D sweeett!


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Liza,

This is why the Spanish are as relaxed as a kid: everyday at 15:00 they have their siesta! The European Union wanted to end it - to uniform working hours - but Spain rejected it (thank God)!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, darling; and here's to a wonderful week!

Please, send my regards to Gigi :D!


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