Top Droppers for May

It's the beginning of a new month and that means... it's time to show my appreciation to the top ten droppers for May. Thank you so much for never failing to come here every single day. Thank you also to all of you who visited, left comments and dropped.

Top ten will be featured on my side bar with their links for the whole month of May.

1.) Positive Men
2.) The Ad Master
3.) On the Bricks
4.) Symphony of Love
5.) Let's Jump Together
6.) Learning Corner for Personal Development, Business Management Training, Professional Learning and Education.
7.) Septagon Studios Indie Comic Blog
8.) Isker's Blog
9.) Photography by KML
10.) Singapore Playground


TH said...

thanks for visit also mommy blog:)

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

Congrats to all!! :D

How are you, my dear friend? Today I didn't blog, I just came to say hello to you and wish you a blessed week :D!

I am well, only too busy today!

Big hug and cheers

BK said...

Thank you for the mention and link.

George Serradinho said...

It's nice to have that feeling that you have those people that visit all the time and drop.

I have made many friends and this is one way of saying thanks to them by giving some link love :)

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