My Sleep Aid

I heard my two kids talking last night.  The conversation went like this:

Son:  Why does mom only uses her iPod when she's about to sleep?
Daughter:  It's mom's sleep aid.  If you're to sleep with dad's loud snores, you'll definitely want to stick those earbuds in your ears so you can sleep easily!
Son:  Ahh , that's why.  (laughs out loud)

I was smiling too while listening to them.  Well it's one of the reasons but  I got used to hubs' snoring over the years, haha.  The real reason is to relax my brain.  Having lots of to-dos get me really tired that may brain can't seem to rest once I lie down.  hubs was laughing too when he heard the story.

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Kranky Granny said...

Sounds like it is time for hubs to have a sleep study. 90% of everyone that snores has some form of sleep apnea that can be controlled by a c-pap machine.

Not only does the snorer sleep better and awakens feeling better and has more energy but the entire household benefits in dozens of way.

Just check out the testimonials of families and patients that use a sleep machine. It has saved more than one relationship.

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