The Unbearable Winter Itch

Every winter, my sister's skin turns dry and itchy from head to toe.  She bought lotion for ultra dry skin and religiously applied it throughout the day.  It only helped for a few minutes, and then she's right back to scratching.

Last year was the worst.  It was late at night and she couldn't sleep because of the irritation her skin was causing her.  She drove to the hospital alone, went straight to the emergency room and asked the nurse in cotton scrub to attend to her immediately.  She was already checking her when the doc in white lab coat came and saw the condition of her skin.  She immediately called for the dermatologist on duty so medication can be given right away.  My sister felt better when she took the medicine.  The doc also gave her a special cream she can apply on her skin  whenever it gets super dry.

The cold weather is fast approaching, although she now know what to take and use once her skin starts to get dry, she's keeping her fingers crossed that she doesn't have to see the medical staff in scrub sets again.  Like my mom, she's terrified of hospitals.

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