Achy Feet?

Running around the office and standing up for a long time wearing your 3" heels will make your feet achy and very unhappy.  Give them a break by rubbing mentholated ointment (Vick's is okay) onto them.  Then wear a pair of cotton socks and hit the bed.  The mentholated ointment will cool skin and gently numb pain.  Upon waking up, your tootsies are ready to face the new day again.  :)


Anya said...

Oh oh
I cannot walk on those shoes :(
Do you ??????

But you gave great advice :))))

clavel said...

I gave up wearing high heels shoes long time ago, not good for my back, but those are nice shoes...

Bubs Toys said...

Your blog has lots of great tips. LOVE those shoes, btw!

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