Are Muslims Sensitive?

The world is a big place where all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, can co-exist in peacefully. There is enough space for everyone and if we are only open to every little thing we see around us, we can co-habit this world without the need for any kind of disturbance. If only we can stop ourselves from sending our bad vibes to someone who is not like us, then there will be no need for wondering why muslims are so sensitive. There is a reason why they are like that. And we non-Muslims are responsible for the way they are.

How come, you might ask? See, since Muslims are different, from the way they dress to the way they pray to their Allah, we sometimes think they are weird. Admit it, at one time you thought this way, too. It's stereotyping. It's misconception. I know it can be that way especially if we hear one of them involved in a global issue. But let's open our minds to the fact that Muslims are passionate people. They can appear to be fanatics to us. Like the way they defend their religious beliefs. They will defend it to death which is something we don't understand because we are of a different faith. Or the way they stay true to their way of like with the way they dress or eat or interact with the opposite sex. We don't understand it but that doesn't mean that we should treat them like pariah. They are also like you and me except that they have a different set of rules in life that they follow to the T.

Yes, Muslims are sensitive but only when they feel they are being ridiculed and insulted for what they are. If they feel that misconceptions rule others. We can all live harmoniously. If only we respect everyone around us, Muslims included.

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