Bargain Hunting

I got a new rocker, a blue one.  Nope, it's not new but it does look like new.  Thanks to my SIL and her new discovery,  garage sales tracker.  A lover of antiques, my SIL is the expert when it comes to garage sales.  That's since she knew about the site and downloaded the app Garage Sales Tracker on her iPhone.  She now has access to every yard or garage sale in their area.  She loves that the iPhone app allows her to bookmark all the garage sales within her area.  That way she doesn't have to track them down for herself. And with the help of the trip planner, also a new feature of the website, it automatically plans her trips to the shops, saving her a lot of time and gasoline.  The app organizes all the garage sales according to schedule while the trip planner plans out and optimizes driving directions.  Two great features that helps her find wonderful items for less.

I am not really a fan of garage sales but I am also loving these features. I never thought I could find great items that still looked like new, for a steal!  The rocker I got looked perfect in my patio.  I've changed my mind about garage sales and have downloaded the app, too.  I have always admired her antiques and I never thought she got them from the different garage sales she's been to.

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