Soon To Be A Mom

How time flies!  The little girl who used to love playing house and who wouldn't stop bugging me until I got her a wooden play kitchen set, is now all grown up and soon to be a mommy.  I don't know if I have mentioned it in this blog that my first born got married and very soon we will be blessed with twin girls.

Although my friends are saying that I am too young to be a grandmother, I am so excited that our family will be blessed again with children.  I can already imagine the noise and the fun of having kids playing fighting around the house again.  The fights were mind blowing but I admit that I miss the bickerings.  Lol.  My husband is excited too that they're having girls.  I don't know but he seems more attached with girls.  He is very close to our daughter and he is actually more excited than me.

The proud parents are of course, very excited too.  The twins have not come out yet, but already, they are shopping for so many things.  I asked them to stop shopping for toys because they don't even know what the twins would like.  I told them that when she was a toddler, she never liked real toys.  A wooden ladle and a plastic container already made her happy.  It was only when she was older that she wanted all the toys that she can get.  For sure, it's going to be the same with the twins.

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