Fabulous Paintings For Less

What better way to brighten up your home than with beautiful paintings.  I was not very interested with that kind of art until my husband introduced me to it.  He is not an artist but he likes to collect.  Not the expensive ones though, but paintings from new artists.  He knows some of them and most of his paintings at home are gifts from them.  Those wonderful paintings opened my eyes to that art.  I even had some of them scanned and made into cross stitch patterns.  I don't have the "it" to paint but I can sew and so I did.

If you are looking for affordable beautiful paintings, I know where you can find them.  I happen to stumble upon framing San Antonio while browsing the web.  I was looking for a flower painting that would go in the hallway and I found this.  

Actually, I was just browsing because I didn't think I could afford the paintings.  I was only looking for some ideas so I can ask one of hubs' friend to paint it for me, but I was surprised to find how affordable their paintings are: painting and frame for less than a hundred bucks.  They've got thousands of other designs to choose from so if you are in need of something to put on your bare wall or you want to give someone a gift, try this art gallery and you're sure to find something amazing.  Who knows, the painting you're buying now could be of great value someday.

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