On The Beat

A friend of mine is a reporter assigned to the police beat. Quite unusual for a woman. It has been her dream to be a reporter.She used to write for our school paper. An opening at a local paper gave her the break she had been waiting for. She grabbed the opportunity despite the workload. The police would not hand you a story on a silver platter. You have to get it on your own. This is why she got herself a live police scanner. With it, she can listen to police reports and dispatches. She can easily race to the scene and get the story before anyone else does. Being the first is a huge advantage in news reporting. Arrive a little late and it becomes old news.

So far, her luck is holding up. She's always where the action is ahead of everybody. Armed with he phone and with the wonders of the internet, she can easily send her report to the editor. She says it's an exciting job. She's made enough friends in the force to get her some inside information. This has made her job a little easier. She really enjoys what she's doing. Despite openings in other departments, she chose to stay where she is. She loves being on the beat.

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