The Sea's Bounties

I love seafood and so does my family. Every meal we have, there is always at least one seafood dish. I always go for the best. Nothing beats fresh seafood. NC fresh seafood is one of the best in the world. Since the time my brother sent us fresh shrimps from North Carolina, I now only buy fresh seafood from North Carolina. Their crabs are also some of the freshest and the best. My son loves chili crabs. He learned to love this since he tried it on a trip to Singapore. I try to serve this as often as I can. A personal favorite is oysters. I just love them. My husband loves them too especially when I serve oyster shooters. Me,  I like them baked with a little chili and cheese on top.

We have sushi nights. Of course the shrimp and crab meat should be fresh. My son eats tons of sushi. He just can't get enough of it. We should not forget the many benefits of seafood. My husband is in his late forties and is very concerned about his prostate's health. Only seafood can give him the acid he needs to keep his prostate healthy. This is why I serve at least one seafood dish every meal. Seafood meat is a healthy alternative to meat as we know it. We often overlook that there are other sources pf vitamins and minerals. Only the freshest produce can give you the nutrients you need daily. Adding seafood especially the fresh kind is a healthy addition to anyone's diet.

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