Warehousing and Forwarding

A friend of mine owns a forwarding and storage  business. They ship to different states and even abroad. They also handle hauling and moving. They use different forms of packaging, from boxes to crates. This business consumes huge amounts of packaging materials and supplies. This includes different kinds of carton and crating. The most used form of packaging is carton. With this, they go though millions of rolls of Clear Packaging Tape. This type is stronger than the brown one which was used before. Sealing cartons for shipping is very important in this kind of business. Getting the items sent to their final destination in perfect condition. Breakage is never acceptable. Utmost care is taken by his staff in handling and shipping packages. I guess this is the reason why he has many loyal clients.

I am impressed by how professional and refined his operations is. Even those who operate the heavy lifting machines and forklifts are highly skilled. Observing them move and lift the different packages is like watching a ballet. Even the sorting bay is well-organized. The entire operation from receipt of the item to shipping or storage is as smooth as clockwork. He employs more than a hundred happy and satisfied employees. They work in shifts so delays in sending the items out is nonexistent. His operations manager is very efficient. What I perceived as an operations nightmare was wrong. They have an allotted for each package for every station. Everything is sent out by day's end. That includes the international shipping. No wonder he is such a big success.

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