One thing I love about my prepaid visa is that I only spend within my budget.  It doesn't get me into debt and there are no interests to pay.  It's becoming a popular choice lately because with this card, you get to control your monthly budget.  No matter how tempted you get to buy the shoes you've wanted so long, you simply can't because you can only spend what you have loaded onto your prepaid account.

Best of all, there is no credit limit.  Applying for it is extremely easy.  You just need to visit the website; click the Sign up button and register.  You need to input some important information then you click 'Submit'.  Wait for the email where you will be given a link to verify your account.  A few more steps and your card will be in your hands in a couple of days.  It's that easy!

I can also use my prepaid visa to send and receive money from abroad.  The charges and fees are way cheaper than when you send it through banks or remittance centers.  I am earning from writing articles through my blogs and I get paid through paypal.  A few years ago, you can only transfer money through credit cards and prepaid credit cards.  My prepaid card made it easy for me to transfer funds.

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