Shave Your Legs with Safety Razor

Each woman has her own technique when it comes to shaving.  I've seen some women who would simply run the razor on their legs without putting on anything to smooth the skin.  It makes me cringe, really!  I'm thinking about it now and I'm having goose bumps.  Dry shaving is pretty dangerous unless of course you are using safety razors.

I shave my legs too and I used to do it with soap and water.  I was doing alright with this but sometimes my skin gets dry with bath soap and I just can't avoid razor burns.  They are painful and irritable; good thing I always have a stock of black tea at home.  The tea provides an instant relief to razor burns because the tannins in the brew will reduce redness and inflammation.  Well anyway, I'm not about to talk about the tea.  I'm here to talk about my latest discoveries which are the safety razor and shaving soap.

I love that this razor doesn't clog with longer hair legs and it doesn't get dull too quickly. I don't have to change the blades too often!  The soap not only moisturizes and makes the skin of my legs feel smooth; it also helps the razor glide easily on my skin.  My shaving time was cut into half ever since I've had this great combination.

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