Touring The Boroughs

My sister is on a UK tour with some of her friends. Their first and last stop will be London. Mad about football, they'll be making the rounds of some of UK's football teams. With a very tight itinerary, their group will always be on the go. Their day is packed with activity and will hardly have the time to eat a regular meal. They will have to rely on takeaway meals. They've done their homework well. They have scouted the areas they'll be visiting and have a list of restaurants they can order from ahead of time. All they have to do is pickup their food and away they go.

Their first stop is Fulham, Chelsea's and Fulham's hometown. The day's schedule was quite hectic. Their day ended quite late and chinese delivery Fulham saved the day. They had a late dinner of pork wraps, steamed and fried dimsum, and noodles. Their meal was a small feast in itself. It was enough to recharge their bodies for the next day's activities. There were enough leftovers for a light breakfast to see them through the morning.

Next stop was Arsenal's Islington. There were more places to see here and more entertainment for its residents and guests alike. This experience is more cultural than their visit to Fulham. Even the food here is more diverse. Italian and Turkish delicacies give the group a more diverse option for their hungry tummies. This time they had their comfort foo, pizza. The treat was a welcome delight for their palate. The Islington delivery was a welcome service for them. They had a hearty meal and snacks they could take along for their next tour.

Last stop of their London sorjourn was the borough of Greenwich. This place is the Mean Time's home. It also has a great naval history and of course, the origin of the Tudors. Thanks to the Greenwich delivery, they had a ready snack of fish and chips. More historical the their first two trips, the tour really made them hungry. They chose curry to fill their hunger. The place is more modern and they enjoyed it the most.

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