Why I Love Straight Talk

I am going crazy with my son's phone bill!  For the past three months, his bills were bigger then mine and hubs'.  I try so much not to call and send text messages so much but these kids can't seem to stop punching the keys of their cellphones.  And I know I share this dilemma to other moms!
So when my sister told me about Straight Talk and how it can cut our cellphone bills into half, I was thinking if this is another Hook, line and sinker.  But when I saw the video, I knew we had to have this.  Watch it here...
After talking it out with my husband, we immediately made the switch.  Imagine no contracts and no surprise bills; we don't need to be tied up with them for two years.  That's the best!
For $45 you can have as much as 1000 minutes for calls, 1000 texts and and unlimited surfing hours.  I used to pay more for 20 minutes free call and 500 texts! This is absolutely Everything you need in a plan; you can Call a friend for hours, talk to your family, and surf the web as much as you want!  My boys also loved the amazing phone deals.  For an added $10, you can get phones with with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth capability.  They are reconditioned phones but who would know?  
End your sufferings from high phone bills.  Check these amazing plans now!

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