My cousin has been in the property management business for a long time. She started out as a realty agent and eventually started a company of her own. Her company is involved in property sales but concentrates more managing property for owners. They manage rest houses, condos and commercial units. Most of her clients are from out of town. They charge retainer fees much like a lawyer would do. Her company handles rent and lease collection as well as property maintenance. They also do the negotiation in behalf of the property owner. Most of her clients are individuals from different states. She recently opened a property management az to service clients in Arizona.

Doing property management on your own can be a handful. You have to to do credit and background checks as well as administrative work. Having a property manager takes away all the hassles. Collection and eviction can really cause major headaches that is why most owners especially those with very expensive and exclusive properties have property managers. These managers not only bring in income, they enhance these properties. This makes worry-free ownership. You simply sit back, relax and watch your property make money for you. If I have properties, I'd leave the worrying to the professionals.

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