Clean Living

At my age, I had to change my lifestyle to be fit and remain healthy. This year didn't start well for me health-wise. Exercise and a healthy diet are just some of the steps I took to keep fit. I've also been taking vitamins and other supplements so I can meet my daily nutrition requirements. To cleanse my system of any harmful toxins, I rely on co enzyme q10 antioxidant. Our body needs regular cleansing too. I try as much as possible to keep everything balanced. I stay away from junk food even if I feel the urge to munch on some.  Junk foods were my favorites! I started watching my intake and prepared my own meals. I have made a calendar of foods for an entire month. I don't repeat anything so I look forward to my next repast.

No, I have not gone extreme; I still enjoy my meats. My boys are meat lovers; they wouldn't like it if I eliminate the meats in our meals. My family enjoys the healthy lifestyle though. They do indulge themselves from time time to time, but they quickly go back to our regimen. We all know how anything excessive is bad for our health. Keeping everything balanced is the key to a long and healthy life. I'm glad that more and more restaurants now offer healthy alternatives in their menu. Clean living is all about going green and living healthy.

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