It Never Fades Too

The beautiful diamond ring that my husband gave to me on our first wedding anniversary is still with me.  It was also the first jewelry he gave me after our wedding.  It was not an expensive ring because he still couldn't afford it at that time.  We married young and although both our parents supported us, we were still struggling financially at that time.  I remember him saying that he got it from his sister's friend who's selling synthetic diamond rings.  These diamonds are grown in a lab.  They have the same structure and physical properties of a naturally grown diamond that is why they are classified as real diamonds.  And it really is pretty you'd never think it's synthetic; unless of course, you are an expert.

I have received several other jewelry gifts from him over the years and as our financial status improved; so are the jewelries.  Still, the first ring is my favorite.  It may not be as expensive as a real diamond but it was given on our first anniversary.  Like a real diamond, its beauty never faded.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to give your loved one, give synthetic diamond rings a look.  It's simple, elegant and also as romantic. 

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