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One of the best websites you should visit when improving the look of your flooring is www.rhodesflooringamericabiloxi.com/tile-flooring.  I'm shifting to tile flooring because tiles are durable and easier to clean and maintain.  I don't usually recommend websites to my readers especially if I have not tried purchasing from them.  I was looking to change the look of my kitchen flooring when I landed on this page.  Although I'm still in the planning and budgeting stages, I'm already looking for places where I can get affordable ceramic tiles for my kitchen.

When I saw this website, I immediately looked for the reviews.  I wanted to know if their flooring materials are of good quality and if the service is great.  Since I will be ordering online; I wanted to make sure that I will not have problems with the customer service should something go wrong with my orders.  I was pleased that the reviews I found are mostly good.  Their prices are very competitive too.  The sophisticated ceramic tile flooring I chose will instantly upgrade my kitchen even if I won't have a total renovation.  I'm still waiting for my orders and I will give you updates once the tiles have arrived.  Right now, hubs and I are excited about how my kitchen is going to look after the "semi" makeover.

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Nora said...

thank you for visiting my blog while I was away, I really appreciate it, good luck with the new kitchen.

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