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A school project we were co-ordinating necessitated that we have 50 posters printed in less than two weeks! Pressed for time as we were, considering that we still had to go to school every day, we figured we needed help from a professional. A member of our group told us about a website which has a service that allows one to make posters online. We checked on the website and found that, indeed, their service could be the answer to our needs. We certainly had no time to look for a commercial printing service that could come up with such a large number of posters to be printed in the time frame that we required them. 

Moreover, commercial printers might not be amenable to accepting our order as we required only a copy of 50 different posters. We found that prints two sizes of posters: 18” x 24” and 24” x 36”. The smaller size would be perfect for the posters we had created. Additionally, the regular production time for a poster to be finished is only five days, which would give ample time for us to have the posters shipped to us and then for us to mount the posters in our display area in time for our presentation. It not only would allow us to make posters online, it would also be able to print out the posters in record time. Each one of the 50 posters we had made were already in pdf format but, reading through the requirements of the website, we had to tweak some of the files to fit it into 2500 x 3400 pixels which the website suggests as the best resolution for 18 x 24-sized posters. 

We spent a few minutes to check the file resolution of each custom poster we wanted printed on the website’s built-in resolution checker to make sure we get the best print-outs for them. We then uploaded the files and processed our order. The whole process was easy and convenient. We got our posters in five days as promised. We had ample time to set up our posters in our venue. And we got through our school project without any hitches, thanks to Click here for more products if you need make posters too.

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