Floor Upgrade

After suffering from flooding last month because of the the torrential rains, my cousin and her husband decided to upgrade their flooring.  I used to admire their beautiful parquet floor because it was always shiny.  It made me sad that the flood destroyed that.  She asked me if I know a place where they can shop for affordable tiles to replace their wooden flooring  and I just happen to know a place where they can Shop variety and beauty in tile.  That's  where we shopped when mom upgraded her kitchen flooring.  The tiles they have there are stylish and elegant.

Deciding on tiles is a great idea; especially for them who are prone to flooding.  Tile flooring is not just tasteful, it is sturdy and resilient and can withstand water (and even mud!).  Plus, it's easier to clean and unlike wood, won't leave an odor after getting wet.

Although she says that it's not likely that they would experience flooding again because it only happened when water was released from the nearby dam during the height of the torrential rains, you never can tell, right?  It's better that you are always ready should it happen again and your home won't be damaged.  Spending for renovations is not a joke.

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