Release Your Inner Rhythm with Adult Tap Shoes

What it is about people that makes them walk to the beat if they hear music? Many people love to dance, although some people will only dance when no one is watching. There seems to be a human need to move and produce rhythm, music, and sound. It feeds the soul and is an incredible form of expression. Have you secretly longed to learn how to dance, but never had the chance? Did you know that many studios offer adult dance classes? One of the most popular dance classes is tap dancing. Tap dancing is appealing to adults because it’s not quite as hard on the joints and muscles as some other forms of dance. It’s a great dance form to learn because you can dance for years even when your body stops recovering from exercise as quickly. You can buy great adult tap shoes in Towson, MD, to get started with your new hobby. What is tap dancing and what’s with the shoes?

The History behind the Tap

Tap dancing is a form of dance distinguished by the production of various sounds and rhythms with tap shoes. Tap dance is a melting pot of many early dance traditions. These include Juba dance (an African-American slave dance brought from West Africa), English clog dancing, and Irish step dancing. Performers in minstrel and Vaudeville shows began mixing dance styles together and imitating each other. It was further influenced by jazz. Today, there are two main forms of tap: rhythm and Broadway. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality, which is expression of rhythms, syncopations, and tones. Broadway tap is more concerned with overall body movement. The entire dance is important and the sounds of the feet are an important aspect of the overall dance. Tap shoes of ages past had leather or wood soles. Today, tap shoes are typically leather shoes with a metal tap attached to the heel and toe of the shoe respectively. Some tap shoes have split soles, allowing more flexion of the foot. There are many different manufacturers that supply different types of taps that produce various tones. Most dance stores sell adult tap shoes in Towson, MD, so you can learn more about what type you’d like to try. It’s never too late to learn something new.

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