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I got tagged by Princess Vien.

The object is to complete each of the following snippets.

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I am: Liza
I think: I'm a good cook.
I know: that I need to sleep more.
I have: my family and friends to support me.
I wish: to visit Europe someday.
I miss: my siblings.
I fear: cockroaches and mice.
I hear: belly dancing is in nowadays.
I smell: food!
I crave: for belgian double cheesecake.
I search: for a cheap laptop.
I wonder: what will happen to us now that prices are continuously going up.
I regret: not pursuing my dream to be a chef.
I love: my family and my friends.
I ache: when my family are being aggravated.
I am not: perfectly fine.
I believe: everything happens for a reason.
I dance: bad.
I sing: bad, too.
I cry: easily.
I fight: for my rights and dignity.
I win: in bowling tournaments most of the time.
I lose: my patience easily.
I never: want to make promises I will break.
I always: make sure I listen to my kids.
I confuse: myself with what I should do first.
I listen: to music especially when I'm working.
I can usually be found: at home.
I am scared: of losing my loved ones.
I need: money, lol.
I am happy about: my family.
I imagine: myself as a good writer.

Tagging Ellen, Nyumix and Babette.


Anonymous said...

I finally found it! LOL Thanks for this tag sis.

Anonymous said...

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