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We all know that having a clean colon means a healthy body because many of the diseases tend to get their start in the colon. There are three ways to clean the colon, you can do it the natural way, have a colonic or use colon cleansers. I won't be discussing the first two as my real concern is the last one. If you would try to google colon cleansers, colonix seems to top the list. But not many of us know that it does not actually have the real ingredients required to effectively clean the colon. I've even read articles claiming that it's a scam. Should you decide to use colon cleansers, don't just go for it because it's popular. It's important to research the product first before using. For me, natural of course, is still the best.


reg said...

Thanx ever so much for visiting my site to-day. I added myself as a follower. I was reading some of the info stuff. I am going to suggest to my Lady Friend to start eating more mushrooms with out the reason why !!!!!!

pinaymama said...

I follow and put your badge/link here Pinay Mama
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