It's All About Lifestyle

At 73, I'm amazed that my mother in law is still in top form. All her life she worked as an executive secretary but after she retired, she was forced to stay at home and do all the the houseworks. She does the laundry, ironing, cooking and cleaning. She was never used to all those chores but she manages to do everything every single day. But that's not actually what I'm amazed about her, I'm surprised that she remains very healthy despite not being conscious of what she eats, not eating on time and even skipping meals at times. She does not have any health problems not even joint pain. Her only complain? She is tired! I wonder how she does it. I wanna be like her when I reach that age.


Winslo said...

She is a Super Mom/Grandma! I miss my Ninang. Pls. tell her that I love her. Thanks Ate Liza.


jason reeves said...

That's great for your grandmother. Mine is in her 90's and taking joint juice and stuff like that because she always complains about aches and pains.


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