To Live On His Own

My cousin is leaving for Canada in two months. Wanting greener pasture, he chose Canada because he thinks he has a lot of opportunities there. He applied for a job online and was happy that he was accepted. He is scheduled to leave for Toronto in July. My aunt is worried because it's his first time to live on his own and we don't have a relative in Canada. She said, she wouldn't worry so much if he opted to work in the United States because we have many relatives there. Besides, my siblings are also there so there'll be someone to at least, look after him.

Upon hearing that his decision is already final, I tracked down an old classmate of mine who happens to live in Toronto. It took me only a few days to find her and she replied to my email right away. I had to ask her to help us look for an apartment for my cousin. She said, that won't be a problem because there are so many near her place. She recommended Toronto Furnished Rentals. According to her, the units are furnished and located within the city. For a start, he won't have problems going to work and back since he won't be able to purchase a car right away. The great thing is, these furnished rentals are just a few minutes away from her home, so my aunt calmed down as soon as she heard this.

I told my cousin that moms are really like that so just let her be. My daughter is also planning to leave for the US, and although it's still a plan, I already felt sad and I'm starting to get worried. Haay, moms! :)

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