Pics 'r Us

I recently attended the first birthday party of a friend's daughter. Aside from hiring a photographer and videographer, my friend also rented a couple of photo booths. They were a hit especially with the kids who attended the event. Even the parents patiently cued for a chance to have their photos taken. It was a novel idea and many of us would like to rent one for our future get-togethers. It would be nice to have one for our reunions or even New Year's celebration. The concept is really different and could easily get the interest of prospective clients. It gave an idea of how we can use it for our upcoming school fair where we intend to raise funds for the repair of the library.

What's great about it is the features it has. From CDs to frames, it even has props that you can use in costume parties. I can almost see it creating raves in our planned events. This concept could also be a potential moneymaker due to its exclusivity and innovativeness. Who would ever think that the booth we enjoy in malls and carnivals can now be brought right into our homes. These photo booths will definitely be a permanent fixture in our future events.

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