Moving Woes

Last month, mom and I received the great news from my brother.  Their housing loan was approved and now they are ready to move to their new home.  They are all excited of course, especially the kids.  And instead of worrying on moving all their belongings by themselves, my brother and his wife have decided to hire professional movers.  I don't think they can manage to do it on their own.  My brother is busy with his work and usually goes home late, my sister-in-law is also working, she is a nurse by the way and very pregnant (the baby is due early next month).  :)  And the kids are back in school so it will be difficult to pack and unpack, that can take longer!  It is never too easy to move a household especially if your have a lot of stuff.  If you have tried moving to another place, you know that it requires a lot of time and effort and patience.  I've been there!  :(

Hiring professional movers like Boston Moving Company, is a wise move.  At least all these moving worries will be taken out of you.  All you need to worry about is the cost, which is not really worrisome at all, my brother says.  :)  They will be the ones to pack, store, move and unpack your stuff.  Plus, the well-trained staff will make sure you have a smooth transition.  

My brother promised to send pictures of the new house as soon as they have settled down.  I can't wait!

**This post is sponsored by Boston Moving Company.

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