Quickie Fix

My brother is arriving from the States tomorrow, I mean later cause it's already 3 am. We are done fixing the room where he will be staying.  The bathroom renovation also made it on time.  It was a quick fix actually, with only a week's notice.  :)  The wooden door had to be replaced.  No one has been using the guest bathroom for a long time so nobody noticed that the termites have eaten the inside part.  My mom and I thought of replacing the shower head as well, the old one has become rusty.  That's the problem when no one uses it for a long time.  The faucets had to be replaced too. Good thing the bidet is still working, at least I didn't have to buy a new one.
I searched for cheap fixtures and I came across betterbathrooms.com. So glad I did because I got everything I needed for less.  I could have spent more if I shopped at the home depot here. It was a great timing too because their bathroom suites were on sale. Actually, up until this time, they still are.  So if you're also in need of bathroom suites or fixtures, drop by their website and I'm sure you'll find the things that you need at low, low prices.

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