Oh no, Math again!

Just like my son,  my nephew is also having some problems with math. He's doing well in his other subjects except for this one. In fact, he perfected his last exam in science.   It used to be a difficult subject for him too but since his mom got him Physics help, everything went easy for him.  His mom is also a teacher (an English teacher) but she admitted that the lessons now are very different than our math before and even she is having a hard time to keep up.

I told my SIL that I got Geometry help for Joey, and if she is looking for a tutor who could assist my nephew on the subject, I can recommend a good math tutor.  A few sessions with her and my nephew will surely have no problems dealing with difficult math questions and even prime numbers.

I told her to check the website asap.  The sooner my nephew gets help the better.  Third quarter exams are just a few weeks away.  He's on his last year in high school and he can't afford to get a failing grade in math again.

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reg said...

I agree, I have a wall just for that painting as well. Interestingly it is a rain day here also

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