Mend Cuts Faster with Honey

Applying honey to cuts can speed healing and prevent scarring.  According to experts, honey is hygroscopic, which means it draws water into itself, so it kills bacteria by dehydrating them.  Next time you get a cut, try applying honey instead of using over the counter meds right away.

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Honey also helps heal burns and prevent blistering

riablahgs said...

This is the reason why I always have a jar of honey in my cupboard. You'll never know when you need one ;) Of course, apart from using it on my oatmeal (which tastes really, really good), it has so many health and beauty benefits too :)

ria c

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Max Coutinho said...

Hi Liza,

Well, well, well...I did not know this: so thanks a lot :D!

My dear friend, how are you? I have been doing fine and I'd like to thank you for your visit and wishes over at my blog *hug*!

Have a fantastic week, darling!


Unknown said...

I love honey for its healing properties. Have you ever had it mixed in yogurt with nuts? Yum!

Thank you for your visit. I am sorry I cannot post the comment as it contains a link. Leave the url, or I will click on your avatar and visit.

Take care and God bless!

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