Puerto Pollensa Adventure

Today's the last day of school for my son and that means a couple and a half months of summer vacation.  He still can't decide though, what to do with his free days.  He is choosing between taking football and guitar lessons.  I would rather he takes both but he I don't want to pressure him.  I just want him to have fun.  Skateboarding is going to be in full swing, I'm sure.  His dad promised him a new board if he gets good grades this year and now is the time to collect the reward. Going to the beach is definitely included in the plan.  I already heard him making plans with his friends.

Our annual beach adventure of course, will continue this year.  But instead of visiting the nearby beaches, where we already have been several times, hubs and I are thinking of going out of the country.  This summer, it's just the three of us now that my daughter recently got married.  Also, my friend Tonette, who happens to own a travel agency made some attractive offers so I'm thinking, why not treat the family to an out of the country beach adventure?  While the newly weds are having a grand time at one of the villas in Majorca, we will be spending a few days at a puerto pollensa apartment.  We've been around Asia already so it'll be wonderful to visit Europe this time.  And since I have been dreaming of Spain ever since I was young, that will be our first stop.

With Europe in the itinerary, I am so sure this is going to top our most memorable summers.  My son doesn't know about the plan yet and I can't wait to see his face light up once he hears about the European escapade.

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