Backyard Makeover

We have to redo our backyard for my grandchildren's christening. We're expecting many guests. Our backyard is big enough to hold a party. We have to replace every outdoor furniture cushion. The old ones have seen better days. We also bought a big tent and some table and chairs. We have also replaced all the cracked tiles and some boards of the gazebo's flooring. We put up additional outdoor lights. The plant boxes have all been repainted. The outside washrooms have been cleaned as well. All the shrubs and trees will be trimmed and the lawn mowed. The fountain has been refurbished

Everything looks set for the big day. We're double checking everything to make sure we've covered everything. The grill has been cleaned. A mini stage will be constructed a few days before the party. Several electrical outlets will be installed for the extra lights. We will be needing hundreds of feet of wiring. The entire makeover will be finished on time. All that is left to do is prepare the food we'll be serving. Hopefully the guests will have a good time. I also hope that my grandchildren will have a memorable christening. I'll make sure that they'll have it. 

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