Preparing For A Feast

We are preparing for a feast. My grandchildren will be christened in a few weeks. I'm bringing out my fine china and I'm listing down what we'll be serving. I'll use my silverware and my favorite quilted placemats. From my last count, about eighty guests will be coming. I will have to make an impressive spread. My husband already ordered a roast calf. Everyone will be expecting me to serve my killer lasagna. I will have to prepare some canapes and other finger foods. Of course, good wine for the cheese platter. I must also serve one of each, beef, fish and fowl, I will also be serving veggies for my vegan guests. Our guests will have a choice of brown rice and bread to go with their viands. Our grill will definitely be very busy.

The desserts will be a different story. I'm not very at baking pastries. I will have to leave that to the professionals. I have ordered a fondant cake. I'll also be serving homemade pistachio and dark chocolate extra thick ice cream. It is a mainstay of every party I've  hosted. I will be busy as a bee as the day of the christening nears. I have to buy all my ingredients as soon as possible.  

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