Preparing For The Babies

We are busy preparing our home for the coming of my grandchildren. They'll be moving in with us in a few weeks. They are twins and so everything has to be double. They're mom and dad are set to work abroad and we'll be the ones to take care of them.Honestly, my husband, son and me are all elated. We would love to have them stay with us. We are fixing up their Mom's old room to serve as their nursery. We are baby proofing the house inside out.

We have bought two playpens for them. A new door had been installed that leads to our room. Access to the twins will be easier. The flooring had been changed with a cushioned one. No sharp edged furniture and all the electrical outlets have been baby proofed as well. We have put up an infant playground in our backyard. My husband has also installed an infant swing for each of the twins. An infant slide and a small playhouse completed the ensemble. A sandbox for them to play in has been constructed.

Hopefully we have covered everything. We can now have peace of mind knowing our grandchildren can move safely both inside and outside our house.

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