From Stamford to Phoenix

When my cousin's husband was offered a job in Arizona, they had to talk it over a few times and weighed the pros and cons.  He is a lab technician and is doing alright with his present job.  The offer was so good that he found it hard to resist.  Every one in the family is telling them to grab the chance because an offer that good doesn't come all the time.

The salary is two times of what he is getting right now; he and his family will have a health insurance; the company will help his wife find a job; the company will help them find a home; and the company will help them relocate.  The only thing that's stopping him from saying yes is that they will be too far away from all of us; both their families are here in CT.

There are more pros than cons so they decided to move.  Even if my cousin stays at home her husband can afford it. He is in Arizona right now to finalize everything.  He has also contacted several phoenix property management companies to look for their new home.  Although a bit sad that they had to leave, I can still see the excitement in my cousin's face.  Don't worry cousin, we'll visit you there. 

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