We have a couple of Shi Tzus, Olive and Loki. Loki is a five year old male and just like his namesake, he's quite mischievous. He is my constant companion but there are times when he gets too restless and hard to control. He loves to play tag but I'm just too tired to play with him. He is spoiled by everyone and can be annoying when he doesn't get what he wants. He can be a handful at times. We've had enough and decided that Loki needs to be trained by a professional. After checking out several Dog Training Schools, we chose the one that we think will teach him to behave.

Dogs are like humans too. They need to be understood. Dog trainers are not just teachers, they are psychotherapists as well. They can instill discipline and make our best friend behave. We look forward to a new Loki when all his training is over. He is a very sweet dog and can really make you laugh when you're feeling down. He would wait for us at the door whenever we come home late. His bad habits has to stop. He needs to know his place in the family like everybody else.

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