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I'm not really a health nut but I'm really interested in reading about womens health and womens fitness.  And whenever I find interesting articles, I share them here in my blog.  If you are a frequent visitor or you have visited this blog once, you probably have seen some of my health and beauty articles.

I started this blog in 2007 and since then I have shared a lot of health articles that many women (and even men) found interesting.  You can find some articles about fitness, skin care, pregnancy information, foods that can help cure some diseases, and many more.  Mostly, I like writing about the health benefits of foods we usually ignore and foods that can make us beautiful, inside and out.  Articles like reducing eye puffiness with potato juice, getting rid of pimples by using tea tree oil, whitening elbows by using lemon peel, and many more.

It makes me glad that although my blog is not popular, those who visit find my posts interesting and helpful. I love it when people leave comments and tell me that they are going to try it or they already did and it worked for them.  It inspires me to look for more interesting articles and share them to everyone. 

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