My Sister's New Home

Before my sister moved in to her newly bought apartment, she asked for my help to shop for furniture.  No, I am not an expert but she said she admires my taste.  I really didn't plan a theme for my home but somehow the all the furniture and fixtures I bought matched.  That's what she loves.  I can buy things in a spur of the moment but when I put it all together, they compliment each other.

She said her budget is not big because she just paid for her down payment so we started looking for cheap living room furniture.  She was amazed at the prizes when I brought her to my favorite shop.  She was surprised that they didn't even look cheap.  She loved my rose wood set so she went for rose wood as well.  Then we went to the dining room table sets section where she found a small table for four that's also made of rose wood.

Our last stop was for her wooden bedroom furniture.  This time she chose a simple mahogany bed.  She wasn't even aware that I was letting her choose all her furniture.  She asked me to choose for her but she didn't realize she was choosing for herself.  Her taste is classy too and all the furniture she got were fabulous.  And what's even greater is she got all of them for less; she still had some money left after we went shopping for her furniture. 

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